Wednesday, August 29, 2007

spoiler/teaser and of fashion

yes, things will going to look different for the new season of Grey's Anatomy which will air in pretty soon. if you want some spoilers or teasers read on..

  • According to ABC, the newly minted residents will be getting their own interns to mentor. Among the interns: George, repeating his internship after failing the exam (an executive producer told Us that he'd be Meredith's intern), and Lexie Grey, Mere's half-sister.
  • Cristina takes Meredith on her "honeymoon" after being left at the altar; according to Us, when Cristina returns two weeks later, Burke is mysteriously nowhere to be found. As for Mere and Der, they're at what ABC calls "an emotional impasse."
  • The crew doesn't adjust well to taking orders from Callie instead of Bailey. Bailey, meanwhile, has to find a whole new place in the hospital hierarchy after being passed over for chief resident.
  • The Chief returns to his position, but this time he's attempting to keep a better work/life balance for the sake of Adele, with whom he has officially reunited.
  • Mark tries to rekindle his friendship with Derek; apparently, the guy's lonely after Burke and Addison both leave.
sound like a good story ahead.
haaay, wish it would also air here the same it will air there, haha!

kate moss's magic hands is in work again!
loved her vest designs and that electric pleated dress of her first tie-up with top-shop.
will we also love her fall collection?

Friday, August 17, 2007


your eyes will drool.
it's pure manjoyment!
fasten your seatbelt!

he even didn't pass my scoring eyes!

secret hotness huh!

he seemed to improve, thus spell fafa-ble

boy-next-door still..

jt on the move.

the hotness of all!
enough said!

-- it may be the never-ending rainfall or the coldness, ha! =D