Tuesday, October 05, 2004

the hole on the big baloon

I dont get it...
Why do people get so affected by other people?
to the point of being uneasy with the situation esp. whenever that person is present.
Is it because they don't jive?
Or they are too much to handle?
Or just maybe they have a strong personality?
And they are being intimidated?

It's rather sad when these people becomes judgemental of another person's doing...
at any given random situation, they will always find a way to be irritated
and say all sorts of things they wanted to say, without even thinking.
On the contrary, the other person seems unaffected!
Isn't it funny to see these people be soooo overly affected by nothing to be affected of? (hahaha! Pity!)
As another Blogger asked.. why are we being drawn to other people's lives?

Why do we always want to know what he/she has done.. mistakes in the past maybe or something
about her/his lovelife now? even her/his career or career move?
Sometimes it's funny, but this is so true and is really happening.
Oh! yesh! And welcome to the real world!

I don't know if im being transparent of my writting now,
but yes... it has something to do with me.

When friends becomes Foes

Someone dear to me is experiencing this battle,
with some people in her environment.
She's just a typical college student
whose got big dreams and will do everything to
achieve them... and this thing happenned..
beacause of her innocence, she didn't know
she's heading for a disaster.

ThEse errrr...so-called friends tolerate her for doing this wrong thing.
Telling her it's fine and it's nothing but normal.. she can't
be abnormal so they say....
They're there for her for every happy moment, she
celebrated with them.. not minding the time.. not minding
the consequences that may fall into her when the time comes..

And the time comes... and all these people surrounding
her were nowhere to be found.. they blatantly.. "LEFT HER".
She's left all alone and without anybody to embrace her, not
anyone to hold her hand.

And then she came to her senses.. she needs to be back on the
right track.
She needs to leave all those problems away,
Trash all the garbage and excess baggage she has on.
She's still on the process... but i know she will be THERE SOON.

Always remember:
A Friend will always say the truth even if it hurts.
A Friend will respect but will not tolerate wrong doing.
A Friend will be there through good times and bad.
A Friend can feel what you feel.
A Friend loves at all times.