Monday, February 15, 2010

it's the thought that counts

kung hei fat choi!

bonne saint valentin!

yeah, they fall on the same day,and may be this year should be the time to spread love for loved ones and even for enemies. let's have a brighter world, a world of peace and love for each other as what Jesus had told us, to love God our Father above all else and to love one another. am praying for that.

moving on, i got one-long-stemmed rose from hubby, and Chinchin got her one too. only i have an added chocolate, but i know we both will be sharing for it :)
hubby just bought it in aqua, i saw that the counter was full of men, buying stuffs for valentine. ha! caught them, do u know where this aqua is? it's at eppco, hahahaha!
yeah, my hubby was caught buying rose for valentines day at eppco (thus the title). i receive flowers from him every year, on my 1st year, t'was one beautiful bouquet delivered at my doorstep, 2nd i almost forgotten but i know i received one or may be not :) and this one, is one-stemmed rose. but i am still very happy that he gave me one and my Chinchin. i spotted this white guy leaving the store with a wide smile on his face while looking at the rose he just bought, i was thinking may be he thinks it was wise of him to buy it there lol! but then again it will make any lady feel special, it means someone thinks of u and wants to put a smile on your face while giving the flower, never mind that it's not a bouquet, as long as it comes from the heart. i have a huge headache today, leaving the office early, but somehow the flower took some pain away. i'm not completely free with the headache though.. but i have this wide grin on my face.

happy valentines everyone. may your day be filled with smile and love from friends, partners, loved-ones and family.