Thursday, December 30, 2010

Joyful, Merry, Happy, Successful, Properous, Lovely, Spiritual 2011

hi everyone!
I'm missing a lot of writing these days.
but, I wont miss this for the world ;)

as we bid farewell to 2010,
I would like to greet everyone
A Very Wonderful, Prosperous New Year

ahead of us!
May God bless us all the more.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Warning: It's a Kikay Post :)

yeah, you read that right ;)
So I'm a bit well now and my eye's not much crying when I go in front of the laptop or tv.. that means I'm gettin' bettah ayt? But I still have loads of used tissue paper in front of me. Not much of coughing but still some sneezing. and hey, at least my temp's been on normal now.
That must be the weather- winter is almost here, had friends and colleagues who also got sick last week..
lesson learned - "do not stay up late on the weekends, it will take it's toll on you eventually!"

Ok back to the subject.
This is pretty much late, but since there's not much to do but read some blogs, and then what do you know, you come across a beauty blog.. then was inspired by ms. beauty that leads to this ;)

A month ago a friend and I went to the Dubai Mall for some cosmetic hunt- we crossed a Clarins kiosk just in front of Sephora and was given some Clarins freebies. That includes these

(ok, it's not the best Photo I could have, but was not able to take some before using.. sorry..)
Kinda reminds you of med tablets right?

I tried to use them I think a week after receiving. Just because I saw them inside my bag and bubble thought: why not try 'em? I'm not a big lipstick user, I'm fine with Benefit's Benetint. But sometimes a girl could always experiment. And who knows what look- could look good on you!?
As you could notice the Clarins 116 Coral Tulip is empty- and yes that was my favorite! It has a hint of a peachy shade but just enough for my complexion plus it's not too striking- I'm all for a simple look. Then just this last weekend, I told myself- why not try the 121 Red Prodige, wow! I never thought it would fit me. I always thought I look so flirty and loud wearing too red lipstick, but this one looks fierce and rouge but at the same time, stunning! a bit flirty, yeah but they suit me! I think I finally found my kind of lipstick. Benetint will always be my fave but at least there's something for that going out night :) A different look once in a while wont hurt, right?
Btw, I also splurged on a Chanel's Vitalumiere Eclat, ok, I know it's too much- I don't usually do this and I know it's not practical- I just want to have a rest from my usual MAC's Studio fix or my Maybelline Powder. I think it's awesome! Can't say I blame those who indulge in so much make-ups and stuffs.
Sometimes I don't want to go to Debenhams for that girly hunting- it's sinful hahahaha! I also had a free make-up from Guerlain, the make-up artist was very very good! (that would have to go for another post- that is if I remember writing about it, haha!)
Guerlain also has nice foundation and powder! Not to mention how she did my eyebrows! Even the hubby raised his two-thumbs-up! (he's not all for make-up). Maybe I would also try Guerlain's Foundation sometime, and I hope I could breath with their hefty price. Tatiyana's (the make-up artist) wearing a nice red nail polish, I asked her about it.. she told me it was Lancome. You see since I'm beginning to embrace some girly stuffs, I have a thing with nail polish now! I blame fashion magazines and beauty blogs now LOL!

Anyway, the hubby purchased his Chanel's Allure for men.
It has been his signature scent since oh-seven, and yep, I like it on him :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

sweet tooth

Yes, call me that, but I just most of the time can not control my needing for sweets.
Here are/were some of my favorites (I'm trying to cut on these as I need to get back on a desired weight ;))

A healthier option of course is those fruits rich in Vitamin C and has Anti-oxidant. You can usually catch me in blackberries and strawberries now :)
I'm not trying to sound like a very "I watch what I eat" person, but sometimes when your body is telling you that things are not the same as they used to, it's time to think out of the box and move that lazy a**.

I could not say, it's a love/hate relationship with chocolates and sweets. I'm sure anybody or should I say any girl could agree that "giving-in" sometimes is the only way to go.
I'm not saying that girls should follow me, this is just me. But I really don't indulge on that much sweets anymore, afterall, I think I'm used to not think or crave too much of them any longer :)
I just give in say, once or twice a month- just that.
Given that, I would love to share some sweets for my sweets :)

featured- cupcakes available at Dubai Mall (click the pix to for the link see page 112)

My daughter's Cupcakes for her 4th Birthday soiree! Delectable!

BR! Me and my daughter's fave, be it ice cream cake or just ice cream on cone, you name it, we lurve it! lol!

Ok, Candylicious is the most popular candy station/store in the UAE, could you blame us for that? They have ice cream, cupcakes, and the never-ending chocolates of different sizes and figures, It's the chocolate haven, my kind of place ;)
Here's a pic of me and my friend Maan about to pay our ordered caramel popcorn, it's yum! Actually those popcorn brings back childhood memories, not that we have the same brand, but it somehow tasted the same. We would usually have those before Christmas just roaming around the metro.

I would love to try these though

they look too good to eat, plus the shop looks a bit intimidating. too fancy eh ;)

but for healthier option, I settle for these

and for-the-so-much

Patchi Chocolate's the best!

Are some of these sweets ring a bell to you?
What's your kind of sweet?
I would love to try new things, maybe just a bite or two, promise, I'll be in control :) Believe me when I say that, I have much self-control now.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


The pen is mightier than the sword
Edward Bulwer-Lytton

I really like to you write.
But I noticed as the time pass, I'm not the same eager person from before. And quite frankly, I can't write interesting happenings anymore. I dont think that I write well in my blog. I only could count in one hand some stories I shared that's worth reading. I used to love to write. I remember when I was in gradeschool and highschool, that's when I can't believe that I wrote something. And wrote it well.
I remember that I also read and wrote poems.
But may be it's actually true, once you forget or does not practice about something-that you do well or should I say something you have passion about, it would most likely blew away.
I don't think i still have the skill to write well. To make simple experience appear interesting in my blog. I honestly envy those who're able to do that. It feels like every bits of experience they have are far worth out of the ordinary. It sound, like, a distant past. I'm not saying my life is less appealing, I actually have plenty of things to share- but I guess, I don't know how to put them to writing.
But still I can't deny that I love reading, well most of us love that :)

Maybe it goes with age.
There's a time when you want to pour and burst your reaction, emotions to something.
And then there will come a time when you will just want to listen and be silent for a time.
May be that is one form of maturity.
You stop mumbling or you take a pause and just notice what surrounds you.
Afterall everything is not about you.

Cheers to being 34!

* I know it's kinda late coz I had my Bday for like 3months back, it takes a while to getting used to ;) besides I still feel like I'm 24 ;P*

Sunday, September 05, 2010


During the Holy Month of Ramadan, there are Hospitality tents just about everywhere. Here for one- can be found in Mercato. They have someone who plays an instrument and someone who hands you moroccan coffee (they say, it's strong!). I find it very nice to listen and just take a time to sit with them, there are also free dates on the table, it's very middle eastern, but I kinda like it. The tent is not exclusive for Muslims, everyone is invited, that's the true spirit :)

And after that day of fasting, one should drink. Found these at carrefour.

fancy a drink?

or Indulge with some Chocolate cake, it's very moist inside- a chocolate overload with a bit of kick from the Strawberry. We had this for free (the perks!) at PF Changs in Mirdiff City Center.
PF Changs has amazing food! And they would teach you to make sauce from 3 types of liquid, it's just awesome! We had Philips Lemon Chicken and Mongolian Beef and some Dimsum (sorry, I was not able to take photos of the food, but I tell you they're gastronomic!) No wonder, the store's slogan is, "the best Chinese restaurant in U.S" I hope i got that one right ;)

I call this The Decadent Chocolate overload Cake with a kick. Yum!
{I know it's sinful, but I guess it's ok to have some once in a while, don't worry I didn't eat much of it ;) }

and when it's the morning after, it will be Fasting again. So when your head is feeling a bit low or havin' some ache, do some massage. It will help you throughout the day.

Innovative Head massager found at Virgin Store.

Eid is just around the corner! I wonder where we will be heading? But it's hard to say, because Eid will just be over the weekend and then we're back on the usual timings.
May be we'll just dine outside again.
I remember last year we were at Hilton RAK.
But just the same it's nice to have Ramadan Timing once in a while.


BON ANNIVERSAIRE to my Lovely Daughter Jasmine Eirene!
She turn 4 today!
God bless you sweetheart, may you have the desires of your heart.
Mom and Dad loves you so much!

Thursday, September 02, 2010

beautiful things

Currently looking at pretty things on the net, they make my day ☺
Just because of the girly-girly stuffs I'm reading, I think I'm into white and pink ♥
Just this post is not about colors, but this idea of trendy-ing your furniture (thus your home) is just awesome!

on the table

the duvet, on the bead

guess it's not only us, ladies, who can get to wear these ;)
even our dining table and bed can be fashionable and trendy too..
(I'm just currently blogging things in fashion, ID and the likes, I feel different, lol!)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

there's something about shorts ;)

these are some looks I'm digging.
they're somewhere in between summer and fall.. summer minus the tights/leggings/stockings..
I'm hoping to channel some similarities in the days to come :)

and guess what, hubby approves :)

credit: J.crew

Monday, August 23, 2010

yet again

"Abu Dhabi: A likely increase in fuel prices within the next few weeks will exert greater inflationary pressures on the UAE economy as producers and suppliers will pass on the increase in transportation costs to the consumers, experts cautioned Sunday.

Inflation in the UAE eased for the first time in five months as the cost of housing remained unchanged and food prices rose at a slower pace."

Read it from the other day's local paper's website.
I believe they just had an increase 2 months or a month ago.
The first was so people in the country could be pushed to use the PUVs then this time, well is the inflation. If in this place it's going to be high how much more in the world market?
I can agree that food prices doesn't really rise in here (except for dining out in lavish restos, of course), but the rents? ha! *zips her mouth*

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


just so you know, you can't always expect that I'll always be there when you need me.
people could also be not interested anymore you know?
it's not like you can remember them when you're unhappy and needs someone to talk to.
when in fact they already heard what you gotta say, say what? a thousand times before.
it's tiresome you know, just in case you didn't notice.
and why bother talking to me when you also know that I will just say the same thing- over and over again?
it's not like, I'm just going change my mind and understand you when you, yes you yourself
can distinctly know what is right and wrong?
ah, anyway, I don't have any right to judge your decisions, I might not really know how
you feel. But just the same, since you held yourself prisoner of that episode in your life, might as well deal with it as, afterall, you always say, you're happy and
may be it's "your happiness" that matters a lot to you. saying "a lot" is an understatement.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Weekend Random

Two consecutive Friday mornings were spent at the open beach. It's so nice to wake up earlier than usual- during the weekends. We were able to do many chores compared to just lounging in at home, not that I mind usingFridays for that much needed R&R, but this is one way worth for mine. It came to mind that we need to head back to the beach apart that it has been a long time since our last visit, is also because Chinchin had cough and cold for almost a week, such a rare for her since she usually get sick for only 2 days. A plus for going to the beach is the unlimited sunlight you'll get, that's some quality Vit. D. But be cautious though, temperature after 10am is a schorching heat already, so always with your SPF's. We noticed that Dubai is almost covered with smog (smoke-fog, a product of pollution probably- carbon footprint if you may) that morning, it's thick and darker. For now, I actually don't know what to say about it, just that I know it's not really good news for the nervous system as well as the environment.

After beach-ing last Friday, we head to Mcdonalds to grab our breakfast and while eating we were reading The National. I had this article about wayfinding and so far after reading too many broadsheets here, it's actually the first time I came across a writer who writes well. I came to know he's a Senior Editor for the sheet. I will just post about it in the next entry :)

Don't you just love IKEA? It's my fave Furniture store here. They usually have innovative products, ingenious designs and interior ideas. Some things I would like to mention when we visit there is their Free Play Area for Kids. Of course my Chinchin would always check that area out instead of accompanying us.

They have height limit of course and some rules and regulations. Children also needs to wear these blue aprons with numbers for reference, but my daughter actually doesn't really want to wear 'em. Good thing there was a staff who explained that she needed to wear one:)
she had fun time with the slide and balls.

Speaking of things to be seen in Ikea, I like this idea to put inside my drawer, like I could just put any random thing inside and it would be easier to find plus it's neat to look at.

And since I'm into eliminating some food right now I came across these and lovin' em

Organic Tea from Ikea and Organic Raisins from Sun-maid :)

Have a nice weekend everyone.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth day, 30 days and being at home for practically one week

It's Earth day everyone.

Since 2008 I am saving water, a little contribution you say but if everybody's doing it, it will make a lot of difference. I'm passing on the lesson to my daughter and everyday as I give her a bath, I remind her of this.

Speaking of Earth day, Havaianas Phil. sent an Invitation to make a vid on how to i would spend a day to make the earth happy. I would love to send one cause the price is definitely terrific! It's a trip to Brasil! I guess I have to take my shot afterall as I read their rules, it didn't say that vids outside of PI is not included, hmmmm but I'm wondering when I could make a vid. Hope I could find time tomorrow :)

If you want to join just visit Havaianas Philippines online.


Makes sense, right?

I was introduced by Grace to the Elimination diet. Actually I would not say it's a diet diet. I will still be eating the food I want to eat, but will just eliminate some. It's a total of 30 days. I already started taking off some food I don't need to see and will not be eating the next 30days. I think I will just miss my weekly dose of Starb's

it will just be a good 4 weeks, so wish me luck!


My Chinchin is better now, just that she still has cough so she can't be in School that's why I'm with her at home for almost a week already. And what do you do on that good 5-days? Clean the house, do the laundry, Iron and of course surf the net, what else?

So I came across this site, see this:

nevermind the ear accessories, but I think if you just display that hand/nail accessory at the mall or any shop, the ladies here will go wild. I have seen too many women here who really go gaga over this kind of stuff. I'm not sure if I can be a fan of this stuffs too, i might go to that doughnut-like hairpice ;)
Still, I think that nail thingy still rocks, but it doesn't mean I want it.

I'm reading Twilight saga again, i forgot my Eat Pray & Love book in my Office' drawer.

according to Dax, I still can have yoghurt, have you had your pinkberry? you should try 'em

they have wide selection of fruit as well :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

hanging by a moment

Desperate for changing
Starving for truth
Closer to where I started
Chasing after you

nope,i'm not singing it now. but i was reminded of the song with my current situation, esp the 1st line and the 3rd. I really need a change in my life. and am still just close to where i started. I'm not sure if i started it all wrong or just fate has it's own way of making things a bit difficult for me. of course each and everyone of us has their own difficulties. but sometimes situations doesn't make you any happier. I could say I'm blessed for the most part, it just that, may be I'm looking for me, or rephrase that for me, I know i deserve more. During this difficult time in the desert land, I know i should not be picky with my job. esp that i am in the field where the crisis really hurt so hard- Realty and Construction. I am a Civil Engineer and i think i am not well-payed. or maybe for the time being, I am cause if you start looking for job now, it's hard to find the amount i am payed for. But just sometimes in my new office, o,o, wait, not sometimes, but i say most of the time, judgements and things aren't fair. I wonder why this manager judge poorly. and just he only thinks people who shows-off were the one's working where in fact, he can always see the report where my name always occur to be the best one who's working- i'm not trying to carry my chair here, if you know what i mean,but it's a matter-of-fact. I hate to reason this with myself and to just keep on telling that may be i need to learn how to deal with this injustice for more maturity. maturity or non-maturity this re-occurence stresses me. i wonder why i always feel exhausted at the end of the day and i don't really feel happy about things there. *sigh*
i guess i have to really deal with it and just hope for the best. may be in the next few months, ill try to have a new company, just after this thing that we need to do in the nearest months. do pray for me.


i just want to share one scribble i did at work, just because i want to take out the stress, this sort of did help me. and hey, I'm keeping a journal so i would always count my blessings. I know it will do me good.


I'm at home now, my sweetest sweetheart was sick. but she's better now, so I guess hubby doesn't need to skip work tomorrow. thank God.

Of course still am trying to lose weight for the nth time, i hope this workz. it's appetite-suppressant, as you know i kinda find it hard to stop myself from eating, nuff said.

Monday, February 15, 2010

it's the thought that counts

kung hei fat choi!

bonne saint valentin!

yeah, they fall on the same day,and may be this year should be the time to spread love for loved ones and even for enemies. let's have a brighter world, a world of peace and love for each other as what Jesus had told us, to love God our Father above all else and to love one another. am praying for that.

moving on, i got one-long-stemmed rose from hubby, and Chinchin got her one too. only i have an added chocolate, but i know we both will be sharing for it :)
hubby just bought it in aqua, i saw that the counter was full of men, buying stuffs for valentine. ha! caught them, do u know where this aqua is? it's at eppco, hahahaha!
yeah, my hubby was caught buying rose for valentines day at eppco (thus the title). i receive flowers from him every year, on my 1st year, t'was one beautiful bouquet delivered at my doorstep, 2nd i almost forgotten but i know i received one or may be not :) and this one, is one-stemmed rose. but i am still very happy that he gave me one and my Chinchin. i spotted this white guy leaving the store with a wide smile on his face while looking at the rose he just bought, i was thinking may be he thinks it was wise of him to buy it there lol! but then again it will make any lady feel special, it means someone thinks of u and wants to put a smile on your face while giving the flower, never mind that it's not a bouquet, as long as it comes from the heart. i have a huge headache today, leaving the office early, but somehow the flower took some pain away. i'm not completely free with the headache though.. but i have this wide grin on my face.

happy valentines everyone. may your day be filled with smile and love from friends, partners, loved-ones and family.