Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy White Tiger

i know it's too early to start the countdown, but i guess am pretty excited for the coming year. And winnie the pooh would be happy, well not exactly but since the coming year looks like tigger one of my daughter's fave disney show, then the hundred acre is happier :)

Thank God we all survived 2009. the mid of it was not really chaos but was difficult. still thank God we're able to pull it through. I'm really hopeful for 2010, i guess we all are. and am always praying for a better year, year after year of course. andof course New Year wont be complete without the Resolutions, but i better call it New Year's Wishes/Prayers and Targets .
yes, i most of the time do it, but i keep it to myself since i know i could fail *hep*
but somehow i want to share, here they are:

*better and more intimate realtionship with God.

* lose kgs, i mean seriously and be serious with gettin' fit and healthier. i know it's been a long time now but i need to get back to at least 53kg.

* more savings from our accounts ( i have target amounts, but i guess that would be for hubby and me :)).

*Eurotrip :)

*be better with my current job :)

*some materials things here and there for my family ( wii included :) some bags, sunnies, blings and watches- yeah so many to mention)

* PI vacay

* UAE Driving License

* Part-time Business

* Chinchin's ballet class

* Chinchin's KG1 School

* New flat

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

it just looks like it, but it's not

going home from my new job. caught this on the way. i wish i have slr cam. may be soon. took it using my iphone. looks like a meteor, yeah but it's not, it's just a jet plane :) nightime becomes early now, should dubai have light saving time?


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Life's a pool then you swim ;)

It's 2 week hiatus for me. I enjoyed it since most of the part was time with my family.
am counting on the last week of the rest and finally will be working for the new company.
I'm pretty excited with the new task but somehow a lil melancholy w/ my prev company coz I would really love to work with them just some problems became really unbearable in the previous months thus the new application. I would definitely miss my boss, he's the posh one among the brits :) but i kinda like them all coz the office offers lax environment plus you can always wear clothes you feel like wearing. no super strict attire or something that you can wear flip flops ;D. I would also miss Jim, he's of all the PM has been a friend that he will even tell you story of his lovelife and not even be ashamed to let us peek his daughter's love letter/card for him when she visited him here. I would also miss Abhi, Jack, Khaled, Prateesh even Ken. Most importantly I will miss Lhen, she was not just a colleague but a wonderful friend as well. We may always just laugh at situations but sure we had some good times through it. We know we're sad but most often we just shout to let it out, then laugh non-stop thinking we're stupid at that lol. Sometimes time flies when we're together. I hope she can find a new company soon.

the group last Christmas party

Before Eid, me and my family went to Hilton RAK for some needed chillaxation. We decided it should be before Eid to avoid the sky-rocketting rate during the Holidays. T'was 2 good days for all of us.
hilton rak
where we stayed

Chinchin @ the narrow lobby

just checked-in
upon arrival w/o welcome drinks

rm 414 Hilton RAK

one consolation, we had a nice view but we waited for or an hour for it considering we reserved a week ahead

Though Hilton Hotel cannot be compared to Hilton Resort and Spa, yes there were two hiltons at RAK. Sad to say, the hotel we stayed was not the so good one. But still it's a 5star at that? Imagine we don't have slippers inside the room, we need to call the reception twice for two slippers. Just one bathrobe inside and not much available tissue, we just ransacked the hosekeeping cart when we got sight of it. Though I kinda like their Crabtree & Evelyn toiletries. Breakfast buffet was nice but not excellent. Swimmingpool was blah.
Then off we go to the Resort and Spa, well for one the view is lovely, the landscape is amazing, the lobby's spacious and nice, the facade's excellent.

hilton rak resort and spa
Hilton Resort and Spa

We should have checked in here. we enjoyed the pool, actually were the only ones who were really loud as much having fun is evident.


the salty part of the pool

very nice lobby while we waited for the golf cart

me @ resort and spa

Most of the guests were at the beach front tanning those bodies. for us though, the water in the pool is excideedingly nice. Guess we tasted it salty coz it came from the beach.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I realized that life itself is too short to waste. I often times hear and read it, but not quite ponder about it, until now. I just came to know that my mother’s youngest sister was diagnosed with Refractory Anemia. As Wikipedia described, is an anemia which does not respond to treatment. [1] It is often seen secondary to myelodysplastic syndromes. [2]Iron deficiency anemia may also be refractory as a clinical manifestation of gastrointestinal problems which disrupt iron metabolism. The non-respond to treatment send me shiver. I also realized that I haven’t been able to get in touch with her for the longest time, since i myself is also preoccupied with problems of my own. The last time that we spoke was the time that she’s having some problems with her daughter’s decision making. Most of the time I keep myself aloof with people or even my relatives whom I won't be getting any positive attitude or positive respond/news, I known my Tita to always be problematic about so many things in her life esp if it’s her family, that's the way she is.
Now, I don’t exactly know how I feel.
Deep inside I feel really sad but at the same time, I can not accept the news that came to my ears. What’s sudden me- the most is that I can’t really help her to the best that I could. For one, I am not there, another is I myself have problems (as stated above). I can’t quietly figure what to say, but I have so many thoughts before I decided to write and now all I can say is I’m sad. I will perhaps send her message today or chat with her. I am not even in touch with my cousin (her daughter) whom I consider as one of my bestfriends, before, but for some reasons and after some melodramatic problems she had, I let her be, in my head I could never fathom the inability to surrender and leave the love of her life. Yes, she crossed seas just to be with him and that she knows that he’s not the right person. See that’s where the first problem occurred. I let her be, knowing that she can decide on her own and may be just may be the feeling is mutual. She doesn’t need to hear what I would say because I won’t be of any help and that’s not what she wants to hear afterall. I also believe that she’s already on the right age to distinguish wrong to right. I have also been itching another thing that may be should be the right thing to do- to keep in touch with her brother whom I really think needs guidance and advise. You know I really didn’t know what happenned to me, before even if u don’t need my advise, I would give you an unsolicited one, just so somehow you would realize, but now, I wont talk until you ask. I guess it comes with age. I suppose this is not me, but this is how I become to be me. now.
Again, I’m reminded of my bestfriend whom I haven’t talk for the last 6 months maybe. I tried to call her some 2-3 months ago and sent sms to her, but i guess she still in her state. I know that she has that qualities that whenever she has problems, it’s her way of dealing with it, she’s my opposite you see, she don’t want to talk about it, she’d rather be on her own. Time passed and I just let her be just like whatI do with my cousin, I just let them be.
This world continues to change, but I guess some things can not be easily changed. I am not in my best status right now though I try to be calm about it, even being optimistic about it, it’s all I have. All I can do is pray hard.
I will be praying for my Tita Yeng, everything is possible with God. He will heal her. May she be resilient and overcome this trial.
I will be praying for Wawon, that she’ll be given strength and wisdom and perhaps I should get in touch with her.
I will be praying for Biboy and hope I could email him for some advises that could touch his heart and wake up to reality.
I will be praying for Jen that she would be alright and God will comfort her.
I will pray for the world to turn to our One and only God, our Creator.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

post Bday post

this is again an overdue post..

yes Ramadan just ended and we're back to the usual office timing.
though at the first week of Ramadan i felt that there's too little time for me to finish things that i usually do at work, but having those days of going home early- for sure am going to miss it. Was able to do alot of household chores then, but i must say, alot of times were spent on our bed for those sluggish mode ;)
and me being back to this again- I somehow still don't feel like working.
anyways, Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim friends. I greeted two of my bosses yesterday and am glad they replied with thanks and full of good wishes as well.

lemme now share the photo ops during mah daughter's 3rd Birthday par-tay.
she had a grand time i tell you.
the celebration was short but sweet, never mind that it was done at night, am so glad lots of our friends came and lots of kids were there too!

here's my Bday girl in her Hanna Montanah inspired get-up (idea courtesy of Mom of course :D) Bday girl
pretty girl
my bro-in-law PSed this and eyelavet!
boy, did she really enjoyed the games of the party
Our hostess was great! i Highly recommend her
singing HBD to you XD
all's singing her the Happy Birthday song (is hubby too involved with the hair or what? lol!)
blowing of cake
she received plenty of presents ;) and that includes two tables!
I was the one who enjoyed unwrapping them

thank you guys for coming. see yáll next year!
hopefully it'll be a better and happier celebration of course ;)

Friday, September 11, 2009

California dreaming

All the leaves are brown (all the leaves are brown)

and the sky is grey (and the sky is grey)

I´ve been for a walk (I've been for a walk)

on a winter's day (on a winter's day)

I´d be safe and warm (I'd be safe and warm)

if I was in L.A. (if I was in L.A.)

California dreaming (California dreaming) on such a winter's day...

Heard this song this Friday morning and I was struck with nostalgia, was turned back in time and was reminded of childhood memories where nanay and tatay would non-stop play these type of songs on Sunday mornings before going to church. I remembered that I used to not like those melodies, but now, I appreciate them all- every single lyrics and melody of it and I miss my parents so much. They both went back to PI last June parents' moving back to PI and though were miles apart we still would keep in touch. As much as I would want now to look at old pix from childhood, I can't since I don't have them with me and I didn't scan them before we left. *sigh* memories just keep pouring. How ironic that you don't appreciate things when you were younger and when you get to this age, you would always come back of how it used to be. I also realized now we always have music in memories in history and that music could help you travel through time. As Bob Marley quotes, "One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain."

Last night we went to accompany our friend Maan and Alex to Nissan showroom in Shiek Zayed. They would buy a new car since their flat which is located in Sharjah has some rough dessert sand road which they see and pass by every single day, thus the buying of the new car coz they seriously need a new ride ;p (what a great reason to buy a new baby ;)).
I of course had fun trying out the autos (even though I am the only one in the group who belongs to the kids coz I am the only one who hasn't have driver's license) and because Infinity is also in that showroom, infinity I wont miss this for the world, lol!

Alex liked the dessert sand stone (hope I remembered it right) color.. us too! xterra beybeh!

with kuya Mat :)

After talking to their agent, we head to the as-planned Dubai Mall. Roam around a lil bit and was really liking to buy new bags. Weren't able to visit LV though as it is jampacked with locals, we just checked Coach leatherwears. Were liking their leathers but I think i most appreciate my first visit to coach in Boulevard at Emirates Towers way back last year, or should I say that there were much more to chose from at that time.

We wrapped our night to our usual coffee time at starbucks. That branch needs some serious additional manpower.

We may go out in the afternoon as I would ask our Professional Photogs to model Chinchin and may be in the coming months I could ready her portfolio :)

I think I have an American dream, California dreamin' to be exact ;)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

up & coming

i'm so thrilled and excited for her 3rd bday party, so before making pamudmod (lol!!) her invites, i sent our this to all our friends, esp those who have kids..


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

run the things

as much as I want to write things that's been happening..
I somehow don't feel like sharing DETAILS as of the moment. i hate hearing myself whinning.
situation has become hard or should I say decision-making has.
we have goals and they should be met... but whatever happens
to plans that did not meet the eye.
they're just waiting to come true but sadly, as the climate
is changing so is the status.

but may be this is just a phase we need to go through to just hold on (as a friend suggested from fb),may be wait a little more and may be somehow things could change, and change for the better. I still would like to see that happen, I'm always that optimistic about life.
we cannot help that things sometimes doesnt go our way, but what the heck everybody
also like me experience this.. it's just a matter of how one deal with it. right?
in a nutshell, it's really up to the person, how he/she wants to end his/her day,
should we just bothered of what's going to happen tommorow or just may be feel happy and
try to go with the flow while learning from it. no exptectations.
things may seems hard, but I know we can pull this through :)

meanwhile. we came to watch Kids Fashion Show at the Deira City Centre last Fri.
our friend's daughter, Ricee was one of the models, and yes we came there to support her and boy did we all had a good time. all the kids seem to be really amazing, they all walk the walk, brilliant!
here are some pix from the 1st day of the show
Ricee on the runway Ricee- Gap got her
my girlmy lovely daughter who supported her friend Ricee us girls supporters ;) ate Ricee on the 1st day- before the show ends
(I learned that it's a week Fashion Show and the last day would be
this Thursday from 1830, may be we would catch them again.


Saturday, April 25, 2009

just to post..

i'm an official recessionista now. just meaning to be thrifty at all times and stretching budget at all cost.
since the credit crunch somehow stayed a lil more longer (as i expect market will be up by march this year-and yes am that positive..),
it's high time to set aside lunch-ing-out and that weekly dose
of shopping.
but if you cannot stop your feet from going to the big boutiques and shops,
would be better to just hop-around and go window-shop.
learn to just be contended in feasting your eyes on the hot items on the rack.
yes, they may be gone soon, but always remember before you know it, trends change
in less than a time.
on the weekends that I was contended of not purchasing anything except
for our weekly grocery (which btw, is also included in the being thrifty mode),
we would spend our time to hop around places and just as i would say, stare on those eye candies.
we got a visit to the dubai mall, and what a pleasant surprise- their forever21 shop is by far Photobucket


the biggest in the U.A.E. I think, and just like zara and mango, they came up with clothes for men already, so
my hubby wont be needing any excuses not to get inside when i'm there to take a peek of what's new and hot.

check out these fresh almonds, first time i saw them in my lifetime and they are soooo green.



these only two were the pix i took since a guard told me that cameras are not allowed inside the grocery. wtf?!

and so most of the time, our fridays were spent early morning at the jumeirah open beach (need new idea of where to go by the time summer hits) and a longer stay at home except if
there are invitations of dining-out or when were a lil bored. call me couch potato but sometimes, it feels good to just be at home and
dvd-marthon with my family.

2 weks ago or so, I was reminded of my childhood days, when I always dreamed of laying on the clouds, from afar they look so soft that when you lay your head to rest there, then it'll be such a wonderful feeling. I am so thrilled to see one up close and personal. seeing these made me nostalgic.. i remember those day dreams..
sometimes i this think of how does it feel to walk in the clouds? literally.. yes, one whould fall :)


I'm loving this part of DM, the parts where some quality resto is here and not to miss the chococlate boutique that is to die for.. and not to miss patchi of course :)



they are chocolates-displayed like rare-jewels, only from Delice (talk about sophistication)

I'm glad i always have my iphone with me.
summer is almost here- time to hit the waves before they get extremely hot ;)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

in between

I'm torn between two state.
i dunno where to put myself, or it's just me.
one thing I discovered with people nowadays is they change (admit or not), or may be I change and them, but I wouldn't notice or agree as with them to themselves. but as to being greedy or envous, it's a different story. I can be envous but not greedy. but I always thought my being envous is always on the healthy side. I mean when someone or a friend of mine has gone to somewhere I've never been then I will be, because I would always loveto travel but with times like this, it's not likely gonna happen,well for now, but may be on the latter part of this year. I would not thought someone would somehow treat you as a competition,when you yourself know that compare to and your status- it's a 'lil way spacious. that the person doesn't want to see you owning something above what she owns or may be you purchase something she/he wants but you got it earlier than her/him. in other words, ayaw nyang 'matatalbugan'sya, which i think is a ridiculous thinking if he/she feels that way, but as you see the way things are and that reading between the lines isn't reading anymore- and that it becomes too transparent, it is something. this thing is odd and sad, odd cause that shouldn't be the case, sad coz you never thought someone close would be like that, one materialistic and greedy person.

another sad thought is that, it doesn't mean that someone is not giving you advise means she doesn't care the reason being she would know that the thought/opinion wont matter and that you will still follow what you want (never mind what they think) and that you will only call her if she will tell you what you want to hear from her, doesn't mean that you should not inform or be keeping in touch with her at all. understand this, she doesn't want to give unsolicited advise anymore. afterall you are on the right age to decide. will leave you to that. just a reminder: the prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.

my bestfriend's hubby died recently and i can't be with her in thistime like this. she's too young to be a widow esp that they have a one year old daughter. proximity may limit me from being there physically for her but I will always be praying for her. I know she's a strong woman and that whatever life bring sher, she can be able to overcome them. Jen i so miss you, if I'm just there. i would just give you that tight hug and i know it would mean every word.

in a nutshell: Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring forth.

took this this morning from my iphone:


can you spot the burj?

it snowed on the 25th, mah first time to see snow, actually they're pretty hard snow. a quick outpour albeit sweet :)


because it was iranian new year, my hubby's boss gave him a box of patchi, one of my fave chocs, hmmmm sweetness..

Thursday, February 19, 2009

random Q&A


1. Your ‘ex’ and You
= happily married now, with a lovely 2 year old girl
2. I am listening to
= the sound of the a/c/ and keyboards
3. Maybe I should
= get a tatoo
4. I love
= my Chinchin and hubby
5. My best friend(s)
= is Jen
6. I don’t understand
= why other people can't seem to relax, or am just being too sluggish all the time?
7. I have lost my respect for
= people who make simple things too complicated, and people who boasts truth isall they have is mouth
8. I last ate
= ikea cookies, I heart!
9. The meaning of my display name is
= my nickie, on the Z
10. God
= Omni-potent, Omni-Present, forever loving and is faithful to His Promises
11. Someday
=am going to successful, prosperous and full of Joy with my family, with the people I love and who loves me
12. I will always be
= a happy person
13. Love
= is something that should be given away, given away, given away.. It will come right back to you..
14. I never ever want to lose
= Faith
15. My myspace is
= barely checked.
16. I get annoyed when
= I'm in a hurry and things keep on falling, talk about klutz..
17. Parties=it's been a while
18. Simple Kisses
= we always do.. To going to you know what..
19. Today
=is a fair start, but I want to go home now!
20. I wish
=all my wishes would come true!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Week's Random thoughts..

Often times when you open your eyes in the morning on weekdays, you always question yourself whether to go out or not. I thought I was the only one who asks this question till I found out recently that there are many people I happen to know do have the same stigma.

It’s been raindropping outside and seeing the car, I want to have a ride. I’m feeling it’ll be a good time in the car. Why do I feel this,.. must be the money!

The 'yes or no' game in radio one is one of my guilty pleasure now.. I’m torn bet two feelings, wanting someone to win but at the same time, waiting for someone to say the y and n word.. wicked!
Kanye West’s new single is kewl, it didn’t sound like him at all.. he sounded brit and house at the same time.. He's really good at these..

I bought my second Notting Hill dvd, quite obvious that it’s my fave movie of all time.. need to exchange the last one..

It sometimes feel weird and funny at the same time to hear someone talk to themselves esp. when they’re the boss, i guess I'm not the only one..

It’s always hard to fight over money, nobody wins. Sad reality.

Pres. Obama’s speech was blunt but true. He layed down the cards of reality and put that hope in it. Am so glad to witness his inaugural speech even if it’s just in BBC, I felt like am also a part of history, or am witnessing history. I really have high hopes for him and his vision.

Just viewed a HS classmate’s Friendster and am happy seeing her got over her baby fat-t’was just a thing in the past. I remember her as one chubby girl who happen to like this boy who likes to dance who somehow became a loveteam for a time.. ahhh! Highschool, how can you forget.. I just always remember and they are happy memories..

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

meilleurs vœux

i always wish to go to places, different places i mean.
and that includes going to different parts of the world of course.

whenever i visit facebook/friendster and see my friends going places.
i can't help to fight this feeling of envy.
yes, I envy them but at the same time am happy to see
them going places.
I guess that's the healthy kind of envy or jealousy if
I may say so.

My husband's friend is now in L.A. though things in 2008 didn't go her way,
she's now in a different country now, may be that could somehow help
her forget the pains last year brought.
a family friend went to Istanbul before christmas of 2008, and we weren't able to join them due to this credit crunch. i thought it's not wise to spend on travel during this time.
my college friends are now in Ireland and Australia, and Australia being on my top5
country to visit.
I hope this year would be good to me and my family and hopefully
we could have a great vacation in the Phils. and try to visit HK, Singapore and Malaysia,
yes, Asia first! I know lots of my friends whove been there, but of course I want to try it as well. it may take one step at a time but I really hope things would turn out right, i really really hope.