Wednesday, July 29, 2009

run the things

as much as I want to write things that's been happening..
I somehow don't feel like sharing DETAILS as of the moment. i hate hearing myself whinning.
situation has become hard or should I say decision-making has.
we have goals and they should be met... but whatever happens
to plans that did not meet the eye.
they're just waiting to come true but sadly, as the climate
is changing so is the status.

but may be this is just a phase we need to go through to just hold on (as a friend suggested from fb),may be wait a little more and may be somehow things could change, and change for the better. I still would like to see that happen, I'm always that optimistic about life.
we cannot help that things sometimes doesnt go our way, but what the heck everybody
also like me experience this.. it's just a matter of how one deal with it. right?
in a nutshell, it's really up to the person, how he/she wants to end his/her day,
should we just bothered of what's going to happen tommorow or just may be feel happy and
try to go with the flow while learning from it. no exptectations.
things may seems hard, but I know we can pull this through :)

meanwhile. we came to watch Kids Fashion Show at the Deira City Centre last Fri.
our friend's daughter, Ricee was one of the models, and yes we came there to support her and boy did we all had a good time. all the kids seem to be really amazing, they all walk the walk, brilliant!
here are some pix from the 1st day of the show
Ricee on the runway Ricee- Gap got her
my girlmy lovely daughter who supported her friend Ricee us girls supporters ;) ate Ricee on the 1st day- before the show ends
(I learned that it's a week Fashion Show and the last day would be
this Thursday from 1830, may be we would catch them again.