Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy White Tiger

i know it's too early to start the countdown, but i guess am pretty excited for the coming year. And winnie the pooh would be happy, well not exactly but since the coming year looks like tigger one of my daughter's fave disney show, then the hundred acre is happier :)

Thank God we all survived 2009. the mid of it was not really chaos but was difficult. still thank God we're able to pull it through. I'm really hopeful for 2010, i guess we all are. and am always praying for a better year, year after year of course. andof course New Year wont be complete without the Resolutions, but i better call it New Year's Wishes/Prayers and Targets .
yes, i most of the time do it, but i keep it to myself since i know i could fail *hep*
but somehow i want to share, here they are:

*better and more intimate realtionship with God.

* lose kgs, i mean seriously and be serious with gettin' fit and healthier. i know it's been a long time now but i need to get back to at least 53kg.

* more savings from our accounts ( i have target amounts, but i guess that would be for hubby and me :)).

*Eurotrip :)

*be better with my current job :)

*some materials things here and there for my family ( wii included :) some bags, sunnies, blings and watches- yeah so many to mention)

* PI vacay

* UAE Driving License

* Part-time Business

* Chinchin's ballet class

* Chinchin's KG1 School

* New flat

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

it just looks like it, but it's not

going home from my new job. caught this on the way. i wish i have slr cam. may be soon. took it using my iphone. looks like a meteor, yeah but it's not, it's just a jet plane :) nightime becomes early now, should dubai have light saving time?