Thursday, February 19, 2009

random Q&A


1. Your ‘ex’ and You
= happily married now, with a lovely 2 year old girl
2. I am listening to
= the sound of the a/c/ and keyboards
3. Maybe I should
= get a tatoo
4. I love
= my Chinchin and hubby
5. My best friend(s)
= is Jen
6. I don’t understand
= why other people can't seem to relax, or am just being too sluggish all the time?
7. I have lost my respect for
= people who make simple things too complicated, and people who boasts truth isall they have is mouth
8. I last ate
= ikea cookies, I heart!
9. The meaning of my display name is
= my nickie, on the Z
10. God
= Omni-potent, Omni-Present, forever loving and is faithful to His Promises
11. Someday
=am going to successful, prosperous and full of Joy with my family, with the people I love and who loves me
12. I will always be
= a happy person
13. Love
= is something that should be given away, given away, given away.. It will come right back to you..
14. I never ever want to lose
= Faith
15. My myspace is
= barely checked.
16. I get annoyed when
= I'm in a hurry and things keep on falling, talk about klutz..
17. Parties=it's been a while
18. Simple Kisses
= we always do.. To going to you know what..
19. Today
=is a fair start, but I want to go home now!
20. I wish
=all my wishes would come true!