Thursday, November 27, 2008

1st week

did you ever have a blast on your 1st day/week at work?
if my memory serves me right, i don't remember a moment i had.
it always is full of reading from the history of what my responsibilities would be.
i guess everybody who is new to work - experiences this? or not?

due to this world crisis, i lost my 1st job here in Dubai.
it was vastly affected since it highly depended on real estate and the next thing happens..
i remembered the time when i was new then, i was trying to fit, really hard.
was in culture shock cause i was the only Filipino there.
everybody seems to be coming from different nationalities..
then suddenly i didn't know what happen to me, i can't seem to
speak the only language that we can be able to understand each other, yeah
english i mean. i felt it was hard for me to speak, like i could not speak at all.
like i know what to say but i can not say it anymore, tongue just got twisted!
but after two weeks, there i was, doing my tasks easily and abling
to communicate with them.
i love my environment as i always wanted to work in good and beautiful office.
it was the business tower of the hotel so you know what i mean.
there was this good view from the lobby- a view from the hotel's pool itself and the sunset- magnificent..
it always mersmerize me.
then came cityscape, it's a property exhibit done here every year, it was the margin
of what is about to happen. my previous company didn't get the investors they're
expecting, then slow sales came. came september, 1st batch was terminated, and guess what, another round came and
i was included on the second batch this november, not only me, but the whole
department itself. they terminated 70employees all in all.
t'was a hard thing to see. i was really upset.
not only did i got upset because i don't have a job that would pay me
good amount of money every month, but i terribly missed my colleagues as well.
on that firing day, we went out for lunch, not everybody though but
some of us.

we really had this bonding already. though things could be hard at times and that different attitude comes out-- normal at times, hehe..
but still i somehow found a friend in them.
after 4days, we meet again, this time with our manager who treated us to lunch, again not every one was there, but that only means one thing, that we all value each other's presence in
our lives. i'm glad i found a friend in them.

i could say that God only allowed me to take a week's vacation from work
coz after that He immediately blessed me with another job, good paying job as well.
i never thought i could get a replacement this fast, it's a record-maker.
me and my family were so happy for me. i prayed hard for my first job and God gave it to me.
then He didn't left me on this trial as well, He gave me another one.
In a nutshell: ask and you shall receive.

now, am on my 1st week with my new company, 3rd day to be specific.
and the one whose going to hand-over me the job is out for vacation so i didn't have much to do.
am pretty much reading and looking now with all the calculations made and what i could do to help or something like that.
i really pray that my present company now wont be affected with this world crisis, hope it'll be over soon.
the water is on people's neck now- it's the survival of the fittest.
may i be able to do what i need to do effectively, and always, always do the right things.