Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Week's Random thoughts..

Often times when you open your eyes in the morning on weekdays, you always question yourself whether to go out or not. I thought I was the only one who asks this question till I found out recently that there are many people I happen to know do have the same stigma.

It’s been raindropping outside and seeing the car, I want to have a ride. I’m feeling it’ll be a good time in the car. Why do I feel this,.. must be the money!

The 'yes or no' game in radio one is one of my guilty pleasure now.. I’m torn bet two feelings, wanting someone to win but at the same time, waiting for someone to say the y and n word.. wicked!
Kanye West’s new single is kewl, it didn’t sound like him at all.. he sounded brit and house at the same time.. He's really good at these..

I bought my second Notting Hill dvd, quite obvious that it’s my fave movie of all time.. need to exchange the last one..

It sometimes feel weird and funny at the same time to hear someone talk to themselves esp. when they’re the boss, i guess I'm not the only one..

It’s always hard to fight over money, nobody wins. Sad reality.

Pres. Obama’s speech was blunt but true. He layed down the cards of reality and put that hope in it. Am so glad to witness his inaugural speech even if it’s just in BBC, I felt like am also a part of history, or am witnessing history. I really have high hopes for him and his vision.

Just viewed a HS classmate’s Friendster and am happy seeing her got over her baby fat-t’was just a thing in the past. I remember her as one chubby girl who happen to like this boy who likes to dance who somehow became a loveteam for a time.. ahhh! Highschool, how can you forget.. I just always remember and they are happy memories..

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

meilleurs vœux

i always wish to go to places, different places i mean.
and that includes going to different parts of the world of course.

whenever i visit facebook/friendster and see my friends going places.
i can't help to fight this feeling of envy.
yes, I envy them but at the same time am happy to see
them going places.
I guess that's the healthy kind of envy or jealousy if
I may say so.

My husband's friend is now in L.A. though things in 2008 didn't go her way,
she's now in a different country now, may be that could somehow help
her forget the pains last year brought.
a family friend went to Istanbul before christmas of 2008, and we weren't able to join them due to this credit crunch. i thought it's not wise to spend on travel during this time.
my college friends are now in Ireland and Australia, and Australia being on my top5
country to visit.
I hope this year would be good to me and my family and hopefully
we could have a great vacation in the Phils. and try to visit HK, Singapore and Malaysia,
yes, Asia first! I know lots of my friends whove been there, but of course I want to try it as well. it may take one step at a time but I really hope things would turn out right, i really really hope.