Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Warning: It's a Kikay Post :)

yeah, you read that right ;)
So I'm a bit well now and my eye's not much crying when I go in front of the laptop or tv.. that means I'm gettin' bettah ayt? But I still have loads of used tissue paper in front of me. Not much of coughing but still some sneezing. and hey, at least my temp's been on normal now.
That must be the weather- winter is almost here, had friends and colleagues who also got sick last week..
lesson learned - "do not stay up late on the weekends, it will take it's toll on you eventually!"

Ok back to the subject.
This is pretty much late, but since there's not much to do but read some blogs, and then what do you know, you come across a beauty blog.. then was inspired by ms. beauty that leads to this ;)

A month ago a friend and I went to the Dubai Mall for some cosmetic hunt- we crossed a Clarins kiosk just in front of Sephora and was given some Clarins freebies. That includes these

(ok, it's not the best Photo I could have, but was not able to take some before using.. sorry..)
Kinda reminds you of med tablets right?

I tried to use them I think a week after receiving. Just because I saw them inside my bag and bubble thought: why not try 'em? I'm not a big lipstick user, I'm fine with Benefit's Benetint. But sometimes a girl could always experiment. And who knows what look- could look good on you!?
As you could notice the Clarins 116 Coral Tulip is empty- and yes that was my favorite! It has a hint of a peachy shade but just enough for my complexion plus it's not too striking- I'm all for a simple look. Then just this last weekend, I told myself- why not try the 121 Red Prodige, wow! I never thought it would fit me. I always thought I look so flirty and loud wearing too red lipstick, but this one looks fierce and rouge but at the same time, stunning! a bit flirty, yeah but they suit me! I think I finally found my kind of lipstick. Benetint will always be my fave but at least there's something for that going out night :) A different look once in a while wont hurt, right?
Btw, I also splurged on a Chanel's Vitalumiere Eclat, ok, I know it's too much- I don't usually do this and I know it's not practical- I just want to have a rest from my usual MAC's Studio fix or my Maybelline Powder. I think it's awesome! Can't say I blame those who indulge in so much make-ups and stuffs.
Sometimes I don't want to go to Debenhams for that girly hunting- it's sinful hahahaha! I also had a free make-up from Guerlain, the make-up artist was very very good! (that would have to go for another post- that is if I remember writing about it, haha!)
Guerlain also has nice foundation and powder! Not to mention how she did my eyebrows! Even the hubby raised his two-thumbs-up! (he's not all for make-up). Maybe I would also try Guerlain's Foundation sometime, and I hope I could breath with their hefty price. Tatiyana's (the make-up artist) wearing a nice red nail polish, I asked her about it.. she told me it was Lancome. You see since I'm beginning to embrace some girly stuffs, I have a thing with nail polish now! I blame fashion magazines and beauty blogs now LOL!

Anyway, the hubby purchased his Chanel's Allure for men.
It has been his signature scent since oh-seven, and yep, I like it on him :)