Saturday, March 28, 2009

in between

I'm torn between two state.
i dunno where to put myself, or it's just me.
one thing I discovered with people nowadays is they change (admit or not), or may be I change and them, but I wouldn't notice or agree as with them to themselves. but as to being greedy or envous, it's a different story. I can be envous but not greedy. but I always thought my being envous is always on the healthy side. I mean when someone or a friend of mine has gone to somewhere I've never been then I will be, because I would always loveto travel but with times like this, it's not likely gonna happen,well for now, but may be on the latter part of this year. I would not thought someone would somehow treat you as a competition,when you yourself know that compare to and your status- it's a 'lil way spacious. that the person doesn't want to see you owning something above what she owns or may be you purchase something she/he wants but you got it earlier than her/him. in other words, ayaw nyang 'matatalbugan'sya, which i think is a ridiculous thinking if he/she feels that way, but as you see the way things are and that reading between the lines isn't reading anymore- and that it becomes too transparent, it is something. this thing is odd and sad, odd cause that shouldn't be the case, sad coz you never thought someone close would be like that, one materialistic and greedy person.

another sad thought is that, it doesn't mean that someone is not giving you advise means she doesn't care the reason being she would know that the thought/opinion wont matter and that you will still follow what you want (never mind what they think) and that you will only call her if she will tell you what you want to hear from her, doesn't mean that you should not inform or be keeping in touch with her at all. understand this, she doesn't want to give unsolicited advise anymore. afterall you are on the right age to decide. will leave you to that. just a reminder: the prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.

my bestfriend's hubby died recently and i can't be with her in thistime like this. she's too young to be a widow esp that they have a one year old daughter. proximity may limit me from being there physically for her but I will always be praying for her. I know she's a strong woman and that whatever life bring sher, she can be able to overcome them. Jen i so miss you, if I'm just there. i would just give you that tight hug and i know it would mean every word.

in a nutshell: Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring forth.

took this this morning from my iphone:


can you spot the burj?

it snowed on the 25th, mah first time to see snow, actually they're pretty hard snow. a quick outpour albeit sweet :)


because it was iranian new year, my hubby's boss gave him a box of patchi, one of my fave chocs, hmmmm sweetness..