Wednesday, May 11, 2011

contests, freebies and free things

Like I said before, I'm a fan of anything free. But, who's not?
I like contests and the fun part of winning :)

Everyday I pick up my daughter from her Nursery/DayCare and from there we would go to the nearby station to take the Metro (Train) to Mall of the Emirates and we will have some 30mins to an hour to wait for my hubby. That is our daily routine, yes it's tiring but might as well take the fun in it :)

And since Ima frequent MOE visitor I get the chance to see and experience free things while there. I like visiting the galleria area where there will always be kiosk to visit. Some 2 weeks ago, My daughter had fun visiting Kraft Kiosk. Once you register, the kid could play (they have computer games) and color plus they would give the kid the chance to make their own sandwich

(the kraft booth) (one of the Activities- Coloring!)

(the printing of free pictures) (it's almost there..)

(and viola!! Jasmine's lovely pic!)

(this is the most fun in the free part- gotta taste the Arabic bread with the Kraft spread, it's so YUM! high five to that!)

(Kraft cheese spread on Arabic bread). The part which I love the most is they would take a picture of your kid and print it for free! I really love the Marketing strategy of these companies. This week, there's the Sneakers and Evian kiosk opposite each other on the Activity area of the mall. I'm so chicken to join the Evian, but hopefully we could try this afternoon. I also would love to let my kid try the Sneakers, but I think they have the most fans since the booth is not too fancy compared to Evian, it's more like audience-friendly :)

We also love Ikea Play Area, they revamped it, so they cater to even bigger kids now. The look of the play area is not too fancy but every kid will definitely love being there, it's like every kid's imagination of a play area. My daughter loves visiting and us too! Get this- they also have this cool card that needs to be updated everytime she checks-in and along with that after 5 play times she will be receiving a free meal! how good could it get! Imagine doubling the fun, having to play and having a free meal. I wish we have that when we were kids, that'll be a lot lot more fun! And joining contest will be easier coz it's like almost weekend of exercise in the Ikea Play area.
(the excited girl who loves Ikea play area)

Speaking of contest I joined a Maybelline Contest in Frontline Fashion and guess what, I won! I did not win the 1st price but I received a Maybelline loot! It made my day :)

(my happy face with my loot) & (here's what's inside the bag :))

Not all contest brought me joy, I joined my daughter in this local magazine contest in facebook. But as time goes by, I began to see disappointments. They changed dates of announcements, they changed categories, etc. It feels like, they don't have a concrete plan of the contest itself. The mirror of not being ready. So I just let it go, after all I joined my daughter there just for the fun of it. It's just that somehow, I just wanted some straight forward honest and true-to-form answers.

So this afternoon, I will try to visit OPI's booth in Mall of the Emirates. They sent me this.

See you there!!
And if you want to win something for yourself visit Grace at Sandierpastures, it's every girl's idea of pampering oneself :)

Well, C'est La Vie. It's how we make it. And let's make it happier!
Keep doing what we love to do. Keep joining contests if you love to and just keep the joy overflowing for you.
Have a blessed day everyone.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Of Life

Sooner or later our life would go and pass. I came to realize that life of course has it's beginning and it's end. Sound cliche'- yes. And we ought to do our purpose here while we still can. And having that direction to that very purpose God has given us.
When life starts- we celebrate! It's all happy faces everywhere and the universe is also smiling at you.
But at the end of every tunnel- there's always tears. Often times it's always harder to come to terms with this reality. Sometimes it gets a while to getting used to. when someone who's always been there and someone you cherish, someone also important to you has been there... and from this time on... is never coming back. You tell yourself, yes, she is in a happy place with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ now. No more hurt. No more pain. That is better- even the best place to be.
Whether we like it or not, this too will happen to us. Think of it as this- afterlife is really After Life from all the hurt- because it transcends the beginning of our Journey with our Lord. Sure there's celebration in heaven for a new beginning- a new Worshiper has joined God's kingdom.

You will be missed Tita Yeng.
We love you.
Be in God's Loving Shelter now.