Friday, December 03, 2004

some updates... (shall i call it?)

Due to uncertain events in my life..
i was not able to duly update what i need to let my friends know,
things of how ihave been doing...
These uncertain events surely did changed my decisionsin career life..
but God really is guiding me.. leaving my so-now-career was
not part of my plan this year.. but it just happenned..
just like that.. and as it turned out as i said..
it was a BLESSING..A BLESSING IN DISGUISE shall you call it.
And i'm a Property Manager now..
ill be handling some properties in theMetro or maybe in the provincial area.. One of the things i really wanted
to do for the longest time now.
And because of that.. i temporarily somehow left the blogging world..
well not really, because i tried to be updated with what's going on with my friends and somehow tried to exchage his and hellos to them...

Man, i surely missed reading.. and i really missed writting as well.
I'll be updating soon..I just would like to mention this...

Tins whatever you're going through... i know you can pass through that..i miss chatting w/ you.
Tiepee.. i missed reading your blogs.. the smiles that you give me whenever i read things about you..
Ariane.. i also missed your adventures and the liberating feeling when i read your bloG..


** guys sorry if i have wrong grammar or spelling here... this is impromptu.. not to mention that i have a slow dial-up..

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