Tuesday, January 18, 2005

On a Night Like this..........

On a Sabado night, when no one is available to accompany me on a gimik....
No one's available, from my room-mates, to my officemates, to other friends.. down to my boyfriend...
B-O-R-I-N-G! ayt?

Not so fast... lets, rewind....

I was really bored last Saturday.. Ojie's not available for he has his own gimik.. my other friends even has their own gimiks... then i finally decided to blog... i went here in an internet cafe.. and waited for the long line to use the PC.. then i decided, why not call my other friends from CEMEX?
That would be nice, ayt? So i called Tins and Tessa... and they told me, they're @ Rockwell, and
up i went, as fast as i could.
So later that night, i produced my own gimik! Hay sa wakas!
We met sa rockwell, then went to G4 to watch Oceans12... oh! how i loooooved
I actually became Mrs. Pitt! hahahaha! dream on!

'Bout the movie... it's a bit boring.. but they are right... Catherine Zeta Jones was
sooo Drop Dead Gorgeous!

I was really happy to see Tessa and Tins.. i finally somehow caught up with how they have been doing.

Things Learned:

1. "We barely Fight" Thanks to Leng.. earlier that night..Tins and Leng met at Rockwell, had i known it.. siguro i met her too... Tins asked Leng, "Ano naman ang napag-aawayan nyo ni Pao?" Leng anwered, "We rarely fight eh.." That's the answer.. how we wish we could answer that when somebody asks us, di ba? so matured.. nakakatuwa.
(an SATC Conversation happens from Rockwell going to G4, hahaha!)

2. "What do you get from fighting?" Tessa asked.. Tins answered.." yung sarap ng lambing", Tin's right, but Tessa has a point... hindi sya maganda.. we should learn to control our emotions.. lalo na if you have my age... huhuhu.. tanda na kasi, isip bata pa, hahaha!

I learned things from really young people.. i'm so happy to know that they think, act and feel so matured.. i adore them.. i even envy the confidence they have.. i wish i could be like them...

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