Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Que Sera Sera..

yes whatever will be will be...
the future's not ours to see, que sera sera...a cliche'

been through a lot!
sometimes life's full of SHIT!
and i mean shit!
i can be ur very deary biatch.. and i can be the worst ever biatch u can find...
but there's also this lousy stupid f_cking bitch!

does taking the plunge means taking the risk?
it just doesnt end there... and what the f_ck... do people do with their lives?

i know what is mine.. and i know how to get it...but i am always willing to set it free..if it likes to..
but no matter how much i wanted to let go.. the pain seems to be so transparent...ahhh! the agony of it..
if only i can change the world...

i never thought i can go this far?

is this really me, i am seeing in themirror?
a lot has changed...

there's nothing new with me.. the same thing could be expected of me..
but something in me has changed...i went through maturity...and its way beyond ur imagination...carrying through it was "wow!"

i may be s gurl like in ur telenovelas but c'est la vie!
that's the way life goes...
sometimes u move, sometimes you're stagnant...sometimes you're paranois and sometimes you're a pain in the *ss!

i dont anymore know what to say...
i will be clearer later...
sorry for keepin u thinkin'
(i may assume)

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