Monday, July 25, 2005

my three's from Teng!

* Three names i go by:
1. Edez
2. Edes
3. Zede

*Three screen names i had
1. edezther
2. sede_nanaram
3. edes

*Three physical thungs i like bout myself
1. eyes
2.butt (har!har!, asset!)

*Three physical things i don't like bout myself
3.small sized feet

*Three parts of my heritage

*Three things that scare me
2.being along

*Three of my everyday essential
1. lip balm

*Three of fave musical artists
1.beethoven (for now..)
2. MOZART (for now again...hehehe..)

*Three of my fave songs
1. the prayer (eversince i got married)
2. ill make love to u (boys2men)
3. beautiful people (mariah carey)

*Three things i want in a relationship
1. loyalty & faithfulness (do they have the sam meaning?)

*Three lies and truths
(hmmm... thse kept me thinking)

1.Vatican is a sacred city
2.hell is here
3.there's reincarnation

1.God is omni-potent
2.opportunity knocks twice
3.we all need life's lesson

*Three physical things about the opposite sex that attracts me
1. chest/torso
3.height & teeth

*Three of my fave hobbies

*Three things i want to do really badly now
1.take a vacae tv the whole day

*Three carrers i considered
1.flight attendant (would u believe, a technical person like me?) (i think every child though bout taking that)

*Three places for my vacae
1.HK (want to see the new built disneyland!)

*Three kids name i like

*Three things i want to do before i die
1. served my purpose-spread God's good news
2. have children and grandchildren
3. be prosperous

*Three ways that am stereotypically am a boi! an engineer
2.i manage property
3. i always wear pants

***cant finish everything tins..but will be back

Friday, July 01, 2005

The New Life...

it's been a while really..
i missed writing..but now that i'm in front and had the chance..
i can't seem to think what to write..

Should i be writing bout my busy life now?
or should i be talking bout my career?
how bout the last movie i watched?


I tell you, it really is not easy.. but once you're'll definitely enjoy it.. i enjoy every minuteam with my hubby...

the chores..I do the laundry-- feels like i do almost 200% of what iusually do when i was a maiden (hahahaha!a maiden..)I also clean the room, you know it really is don't know what force drives you to do the thingsyou need to do.. am such a lazy lass... but if could only see menow... i'm a transformed Edez!I take good care of what he needs to wear in the office, i meaneverything.. and i should say, i looove doing it, and what makesit more exciting? It's that, he a-p-p-r-e-c-i-a-t-e-s it, heappreciates me... and it feels good!i think, im more in love with him now... (giggles!)


I'm assigned to another project now... onesaid, that'll be a good opportunity for me (did i got that spelled right?)hope it would.. and i just hope i could contributein a biggie way. thanks for the favor, Mr. President.


Ow! I must say, we really need to save, the last project was not that good..but what's important is the Lesson we were both able to learn..and we really just hope that there will be more projects to come.. otherwise wewill go abroad (i think everybody's thinkin' that way now, esp. if you look@ our economy)


am i on the way?dunno, & my hubby checked last night...just 3 drops of it.. then a single line came..after a minute...another line... but not as BOLD as the first one..i really don't know what to think, or what to feel..but am 4days delayed... Haaay, sana!


I sooo missed them...
These were the last news..

my roomates
* i think Kate's already involved..
* Kath's pretty busy with her review (wish her luck)
* Jaq's happy with her bf and career
* Maibz busy with her Job and MA

my CEMEX Friends
* Ron just had his birthday and is hopeful to find Ms. Right
* Emz already has her lovelife
* Tins... i hope she's happy, but i guess she's busy with her career..
* Tessa i also hope she's happy, i know she's busy preparing for her birthday concert (Yadah!)

* Jen's totally in loove with her guy
* Maan's still inlove with Xander (I think)
* Mah sister (Eseng) is already with her husband in dubai, and they're so happy! with Matthew their son
* Cyn's happy with Lord
* Alma's busy saving so she could get home this dec.

Current Officemates
* Joan's pregnant now
* Tin's gaining weight
* Aaron's gonna marry Joan
* Maie's not soo happy with her bf's set-up
* Milo left the company
* etc... etc...