Tuesday, January 13, 2009

meilleurs vœux

i always wish to go to places, different places i mean.
and that includes going to different parts of the world of course.

whenever i visit facebook/friendster and see my friends going places.
i can't help to fight this feeling of envy.
yes, I envy them but at the same time am happy to see
them going places.
I guess that's the healthy kind of envy or jealousy if
I may say so.

My husband's friend is now in L.A. though things in 2008 didn't go her way,
she's now in a different country now, may be that could somehow help
her forget the pains last year brought.
a family friend went to Istanbul before christmas of 2008, and we weren't able to join them due to this credit crunch. i thought it's not wise to spend on travel during this time.
my college friends are now in Ireland and Australia, and Australia being on my top5
country to visit.
I hope this year would be good to me and my family and hopefully
we could have a great vacation in the Phils. and try to visit HK, Singapore and Malaysia,
yes, Asia first! I know lots of my friends whove been there, but of course I want to try it as well. it may take one step at a time but I really hope things would turn out right, i really really hope.

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