Tuesday, September 22, 2009

post Bday post

this is again an overdue post..

yes Ramadan just ended and we're back to the usual office timing.
though at the first week of Ramadan i felt that there's too little time for me to finish things that i usually do at work, but having those days of going home early- for sure am going to miss it. Was able to do alot of household chores then, but i must say, alot of times were spent on our bed for those sluggish mode ;)
and me being back to this again- I somehow still don't feel like working.
anyways, Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim friends. I greeted two of my bosses yesterday and am glad they replied with thanks and full of good wishes as well.

lemme now share the photo ops during mah daughter's 3rd Birthday par-tay.
she had a grand time i tell you.
the celebration was short but sweet, never mind that it was done at night, am so glad lots of our friends came and lots of kids were there too!

here's my Bday girl in her Hanna Montanah inspired get-up (idea courtesy of Mom of course :D) Bday girl
pretty girl
my bro-in-law PSed this and eyelavet!
boy, did she really enjoyed the games of the party
Our hostess was great! i Highly recommend her
singing HBD to you XD
all's singing her the Happy Birthday song (is hubby too involved with the hair or what? lol!)
blowing of cake
she received plenty of presents ;) and that includes two tables!
I was the one who enjoyed unwrapping them

thank you guys for coming. see yáll next year!
hopefully it'll be a better and happier celebration of course ;)

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