Sunday, September 05, 2010


During the Holy Month of Ramadan, there are Hospitality tents just about everywhere. Here for one- can be found in Mercato. They have someone who plays an instrument and someone who hands you moroccan coffee (they say, it's strong!). I find it very nice to listen and just take a time to sit with them, there are also free dates on the table, it's very middle eastern, but I kinda like it. The tent is not exclusive for Muslims, everyone is invited, that's the true spirit :)

And after that day of fasting, one should drink. Found these at carrefour.

fancy a drink?

or Indulge with some Chocolate cake, it's very moist inside- a chocolate overload with a bit of kick from the Strawberry. We had this for free (the perks!) at PF Changs in Mirdiff City Center.
PF Changs has amazing food! And they would teach you to make sauce from 3 types of liquid, it's just awesome! We had Philips Lemon Chicken and Mongolian Beef and some Dimsum (sorry, I was not able to take photos of the food, but I tell you they're gastronomic!) No wonder, the store's slogan is, "the best Chinese restaurant in U.S" I hope i got that one right ;)

I call this The Decadent Chocolate overload Cake with a kick. Yum!
{I know it's sinful, but I guess it's ok to have some once in a while, don't worry I didn't eat much of it ;) }

and when it's the morning after, it will be Fasting again. So when your head is feeling a bit low or havin' some ache, do some massage. It will help you throughout the day.

Innovative Head massager found at Virgin Store.

Eid is just around the corner! I wonder where we will be heading? But it's hard to say, because Eid will just be over the weekend and then we're back on the usual timings.
May be we'll just dine outside again.
I remember last year we were at Hilton RAK.
But just the same it's nice to have Ramadan Timing once in a while.


BON ANNIVERSAIRE to my Lovely Daughter Jasmine Eirene!
She turn 4 today!
God bless you sweetheart, may you have the desires of your heart.
Mom and Dad loves you so much!

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