Tuesday, March 02, 2004


fresh from the blog of my friend tina. i envy her towards her feeling bout marriage, i can see myself in the opposite direction, like im in another world. i wish we could exchange lanes, argh.. how i wish...
i dont have the appetite i used to have before, good for me coz i will be losing some excess weight (which i really need). i dunno if its from the coffee i drank yesterday or maybe what i was feeling yesterday (it extended). but im not feeling what i was feeling yesterday... talked w/ my guy bout it... u know using my best actress lines (hehe).. of cors he knows me already and explained everything to me again... wish also that im not the jealous type. i also hate this fu@#ing feeling.. feling so different.. feeling insecure and all.. feeling bored, etcetera...etcetera..
this is my dilemna.... everybody has one, right?

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