Friday, February 27, 2004


i finally got the chance to write my blogs, like graffitti..
need to pee..
am back..
i watched this movie last night, a chinese movie of Ken of F4, entitled Sky of Love, i know its a fiction movie, but i kinda like it, me and my dormate kathy watched it and so we slept at 1am.
i was here in the office early, had my usual routine of breakfast, were kinda happy and cool in the office because our boss is out of the country, hehe.. but she'll be back on monday.
i was busy this morning inputting lots of PRF.
y'know im wearing a skirt right now, and it feels good that after such as long time i was able to wear one, hehe..
my bf is inspecting some business in lucena city, and i kinda miss him but at the same time i have this feeling of jealousy... hmmm i dunno if i should write why...but maybe i need some secrets to keep
i am a jealous type, i know that, and i admit it. so how far should i let lose of my jealousy? is it bad for our relationship, i know sometimes im being shallow.. because im a bit paranoid, sometimes i dont understand myself either.. but most of the time i have this feeling to let it go, let my partner know that i am jealous...sometimes he's being "pikon" already because he said im being unreasonable.. i know deep inside that i am being, but i cant control what i am feeling.. im writing this, its because im also bothered.. i don't want me to continue feeling this way. though now, i could say that i am confident with what i have, with what i have achieved... but maybe, i don't know.. or maybe not enough? do i expect a lot?
we're not in a fight or something.. i just want to share things that happenned and is sometimes still happening to me. do other girls feel the same way with their partners? i wonder? why are some girls so confident bout themselves? my partner doesnt make me feel this way, so why do i? i know he loves me and i can feel and see it.. hmmm... i have to find out myself and also pray for it, lift it up to the LORD, He knows all.

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