Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Scatterbrained me

i dunno..
really don't understand at all..
eversince been 2x to the hospital (i rather not disclose the details what has transpired), i have been sooo forgetful

i don't remember the last email addie i put in this group i joined, kaasar and the worse is sometimes i forget the word am just about to type.. hmmmpfff!

am annoyed not to mention agitated with this so-not-me behavior.. i knew mahself as one who don't easily forget.

oh, well, maybe the cliche's true, anaesthesia
(i hope i spelled it right) works but they it leaves a bad effect of being scatterbrained, waaaaahhhh!

is there any way, this wont blow so fast on me? any tips or suggestions? do i need to take some vitamins so my brain would work the same as it was before?

or am i just gettin' older?

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