Wednesday, September 28, 2005

drama, drama, drama

yes, drama... and lotza drama.
it occurs in our daily being, not being in the mood to go to the city, then make up for pretext to get what you really wanted.

what's wrong with gettin' what you want?

it may only be wrong if you're giving some despondency to your loved-ones or to some.
or maybe you abandon the things you ought to do, manage to be an enhanced individual.
a profound persona as time goes by and become wiser, the longer you stay in this life.
and what happens to all sorts of lesson you learned while having the same heartache other people gave you?
it may really seem incomprehensible, but at times life sometimes really is unfair.

i really don't know why i'm in the mood to write sad thoughts.. a drama, you may call, but i ain't poignant. i'm not even sad, i guess i just want to write these...
ow! i can be an actress, or maybe someone who can reinvent fiction.


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