Tuesday, August 08, 2006

title-less.. nevermind.

ive been thinking maybe im being part cloudy..
im a little blue but disappointed in so many ways.
i should not be,
not in this situation.. it could
affect, not just me but my very precious and most adored baby
(though haven't seen her just yet),
but i really hope it wont affect much-that's the reason why i need to write
( i guess at first, hmmm).

i never find is amusing to have a conversation with a moron/fool,
(i don't have a luxutious time to spare) well who does?
a proverb once told:
the woman folly is loud;she is undisciplined and without knowledge.
it indeed is..

what's so disappointing is along with those inevitable crossings
with the fool,
the people who you thought would somehow
feel embarass of how someone reacted never even gave you support..
is it only bec they don't know how to react?
or they're just afraid of what could happen?
why can't they correct? is it because the other person
doesn't take correction the way correction should be taken?
to avoid fights, maybe is the reason why they
just kept quiet?
well, i dont buy that..
i just cannot accept that!
these kind of people will just abuse those around them and they
will have this pride in themselves that
they can be kings in their own attitude bearing.
writing this is realy getting into my nerves,
i still can feel it.so i better stop and just think
happy thoughts, and maybe write happy topic..

**i wish i could have an intelligent conversation with someone everyday, kahit 5mins lang..

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