Sunday, April 30, 2006


- Moods can really get in to you, you really get upset/disappointed/worried about certain things.. Uncertainty, how life can be- risky and the likes- pours your mind and is about to explode. People tend to pressure themselves to attain such goals, well of course, we all want to win, life can be, the survival of the fittest.

- Why are we sometimes ON(ed) in melancholy mode?

- I don’t feel like eating chocolates, but the ref’s full of kisses.. and I can’t resist them.. so what’s holding me?

- My OB said to slow down on carb, I’ve been gaining 6lbs/month consistently, hmpf!

- My baby’s starting to kick my belly! It feels good.. there really is JOY inside.

- Sometimes talaga, pasaway ang mga parents!

- I sooooo miss my hubby, hope I can embrace him.

- I hope our prayers be answered.

- Don’t get me wrong, am happy being pregnant, but when friends from friendsters begin to upload new pix from their vacae/summer getaway, I can’t help but envy them.. how can I again wear my swimsuit? Would it be the same body as it was before? I also looove the sceneries and views they all last went to.. of course I can also go to those places, the problem is.. I can’t really travel to places that long (now), my booties usually feels numb and I tend to urinate from time to time.

- It’s hard to watch tv, when your remote control bugged down, asar!

- I love to play chess again.

- I read the National Structural Code of the Philippines, and I enjoy it.

- My baby loves Mozart and the voice of his/her dad (earlier recorded).

- I like Fred of the PBB teen ed., hehehehe..

- Thank God, my PC is a-ok!

- Am excited for Joan’s and Emz’s Wedding!

- Looking forward for my baby’s Baby Shower, where will I hold it kaya?

- I I miss reading tins, Ariane and Tiepee's blogs.

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