Tuesday, October 10, 2006

an open letter for someone dear

proximity wise, yes, i expect something from you.
or maybe, i just thought im also someone dear to you.
someone, you'll always rememebr when events happen to my life, and important happenings came through.
i don't know, but i guess i have my fair share of disappointments in you. but that was a long time ago.
i didn't know- that when this age comes, you would forget to somehow greet me or be happy for me. you see, something important and happy happenned to me and i want you to be a part of it!

i don't know if you'll know, its you, at least now you have a hint..
maybe time or challenges drifted us apart and so i thought.. sigh
inside me, i will always long to see you or even hear from you, and dream you would sometime pay me a visit.

i just want you to know, i'm sad, you dont remember, sadder- you don't even bother..

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