Tuesday, December 26, 2006


just before starting this entry, i had a hard time fixing my mind on what title would be appropriate until my heart said, "dug dog, dug-dug" so finally, i had my title.
why was i nervous to write?
its been a while, i had an action-packed life now, taking good care of my baby is no walk in the park.. but it makes sense and for the record, its all worth my effort, my time and everything i have now, i have so much joy having my baby, as cliche it may sound, but i am indeed very, very happy! sometimes i feel, she's my protagonist in my so-called life.
speaking of being a busy lass now, its my first Christmas being in my 30s.. and its the first Christmas that i wasnt able to buy gifts for relatives and friends, not a singla family member was able to receive someting from me, damn, was i that bad? well, as i said, its not taht easy..

well, just to take the edge off.. i want to reward myself by sharing my wishlist for 2007, or maybe should i say, resolutions?

~ a closer realtionship with God

~ i wish to have a new cellphone (hello, fafa!) sony erricson p900i would definitely be good for me.

~ i wish to have that starbucks planner (jovy, please help..)

~ i could get my baby her passport

~ be back on my pregnancy pre-weight (damn this appetite), to fit those old shirts and jeans again ( i wonder why this booty has gotten me sooo big.. or maybe its the pelvic)

~ new ipod

~ a little more quality time for myself ( i really should get a reliable yaya)

~ finish reading, the devil wears prada

~ read more books

~ be with my hubby mid 2007 or maybe on the 4th quarter

~ my baby's coompletely free from her allergies

~ be able to update my blog even once a month

~ trip to boracay (again?) or maybe palawan with loved ones of course

~ hmmmmm.. ill think of some more, ill be back in a while..

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