Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Reach for the Stars


decisions, decisions.. when you need to make a choice
under uncertainty and you don't know what to
expect of the deal/action you're going to do.
all you need to be mindful of is to range the
goal you first set.

we have a hang of this situation right now
and filling in the blanks can be a pain, but
it could be the heartland of the decision as per
call theory. and speaking of it..
The idea of expected value is that, when faced
with a number of actions, each of which could
give rise to more than one possible outcome with
different probabilities, the rational procedure is
to identify all possible outcomes, determine
their values (positive or negative) and the
probabilities that will result from each course
of action, and multiply the two to give an expected
value. The action to be chosen should be the one
that gives rise to the highest total expected value.

isn't life about that?
it's not just cheese and popcorn.
and i don't want to procastinate.

i wish it would be easier.
hope we be lead to the right track.
to the path, where we will find our
gold pot at the end of the rainbow.

it's our 111th day here in the modern emirate.
and i can say i quite enjoy my stay, it has
been productive socialization and visiting of
other emirates and places.
i remember once asking in facebook
if my friends would consider moving out
of their comfort zone. and was pleased
with a couple's answers. they gave me
ray of light as to what's ahead of me.

oftentimes we highly regard ourselves.
but do we really think of what we should
value the most? time is of the essence and that
we should take many things into consideration.
filter them all in and it will lead you to where your
heart should be.

see you when i see you.

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