Monday, August 23, 2010

yet again

"Abu Dhabi: A likely increase in fuel prices within the next few weeks will exert greater inflationary pressures on the UAE economy as producers and suppliers will pass on the increase in transportation costs to the consumers, experts cautioned Sunday.

Inflation in the UAE eased for the first time in five months as the cost of housing remained unchanged and food prices rose at a slower pace."

Read it from the other day's local paper's website.
I believe they just had an increase 2 months or a month ago.
The first was so people in the country could be pushed to use the PUVs then this time, well is the inflation. If in this place it's going to be high how much more in the world market?
I can agree that food prices doesn't really rise in here (except for dining out in lavish restos, of course), but the rents? ha! *zips her mouth*

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