Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Back to Nursery

My 4 y/o daughter is now officially back to nursery or should I say daycare.
A few months back we decided that she won't be in nursery/daycare (the case being was because we don't have a nanny for her) for maybe a month or so. Then today she's back. Then I came across this old newspaper of reports where a child was molested by the school driver and conductors. I've been hearing about it but didn't bother much to read. Then now, am feeling a bit paranoid about it.
My daughter is very innocent and most of the time naive. I think this news is also an eye opener to parents to teach their children to say and teach their kids to mind how they're being dealt with. Just around 12 quarter, I called my daughter's nursery/daycare to check if she's already there. But she's still not, because her bus usually arrives at 12:45pm - 1pm, so I think I better call now.
I always pray for her safety and I think It's also high time for me as a parent to help and give her some awareness.

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