Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Happy Year of the Rabbit Dragon!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

Prepping mahself and fam for the Chinese New Year this Thursday (it's Tuesday today, btw).
Planning to go to Dragon mart this afternoon for that needed Ang Pao (Chinese Envelope used when giving money). We learnded from yesterday's tv show that it's good to give money because it means giving blessings and that means you have enough and more to give. Ahhhhh! the joy of giving. I'm no Chinese, albeit mistaken as one. So I thought why not play the part? Afterall we all like celebrations, so we'll party the coming of the Year of the Rabbit as what Chinese calls this

If we are in the Philippines these envelop
es would be easily available. But what I would be missing most is the food! I mean Tikoy (that cake made from glutinous/sticky rice) love Eng bee tin's! We'll be having Kuntsinta (yum!) instead, it's also made with sticky rice, but is a Filipino deli. I'm thinking of also cooking spagh and may be buy some extra fruits. This Friday, may be if we have time we'll invite some friends over and dine in. I'm so excited!

May this year be field with good health for me and my family, love for each other, peace with each other and abundant blessings that comes only from our one true God, our Creator, our Lord of Lords Jesus Christ.

Have a happy celebration!


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