Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

Happy Easter everyone!
Jesus Christ our King has Risen! Let's celebrate the good news!

Where will you celebrate today?
I'm currently in the office- yep I'm working today, but I heard a good news this morning that'll gonna have a half day today, yipeee! I hope that's true. I would very much want to celebrate Easter Egg hunt for my kid here. But then again, we're thinking it's not practical since next month hubby and me will be celebration our 6year Marriage! weeee! But yeah, that would be for another post.
Still we would be going out tonight with family and friends. We're still going to have dinner out, I guess minus the Easter egg hunt for my daughter (hopefully that would come next year).

In the meantime, here are some I've seen in the world wide web that I'm currently liking.
Have a blessed Easter everyone! God bless.

Will definitely try to check this out tonight, maybe it's still not too late for some bunnies. Hamleys.

I know my daughter's 5th Birthday is still 5 months far, but am digging personalized m&m's as a give-away for her party already.

Would love to change my Profile pic yet again & this looks a pretty good idea.

Currently reading this.

And now, for that eating-out almost every weekend including tonight, here's what we need to do the next day.

Have an awesome day & Lovely week everyone.


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