Tuesday, May 11, 2004

blogger like matrix?

hmmmm wazup with blogger? what's next, revolution? hmmm.. still can't say if i like it... im pretty much so used w/ the old one...

i want to transfer to xanga. im already thinking about it. i even cant view my blogs here.. im so pissed w/ our isp.. had a firewall for blogger and some other sites i used to check out.. even my tag-board..

my head aches, maybe becoz i got up early coz i was in tanay (i need to be in Makati by 7am), i went home for the election. i still have my indelible ink on my finger.. a proof i used my right to vote

i heard from my officemate that Amber won the Survivor-All star! whew! i knew it! i just knew it! i know she will win it--- the Ultimate Sole Survivor for the All-Star Series.. she's really pretty smart in that game (not to mention-wicked... hehe..joke--for Amber fans), not like the other one.. when she did the Australian Outback.. i wasn't able to see the Finale Show, coz yesterday.. i replayed MG1 over the VCD. i kinda miss the F4 now.. there's no more F4 mania.. so i went go-gaga myself, hehe.. i miss Dao so much.. i miss being kilig while watching.. sayang nga lang nde ko napanuod ang finale ng survivor I also found out the Rob proposed on the set for Marrying Amber-- well that is one helluva kilg thing huh?

i wonder who's winning in the Presedentiables now?

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