Tuesday, May 04, 2004


a beleaguer feeling im having now for this damn isp! plus i don't want to work too! im not feeling good now..
This is a peculiar feeling, just because my bestfriend in the Office officially resigned i would be lonely.. will not come in the office on time.. i really kinda miss her.. our snack in the am and pm... *sigh*
i had a blast last week though.. t'was also hectic.. accompanied my cousin last Thursday for a Model Search.. i was absent in the office to do her make-up.. and i was like... huh...im a make-up artist now.. i do make-up for her.. painting her face.. i can't say that i do good make-up.. but it makes me feel good that at least even though i don't usually wear make-up, i still can make people look good.. with some brush strokes and some stuffs..
Another thing, i didn't know that Holiday Inn already moved to the (before) Galleria Suites.. my cousin's contest was said to be @ the Holiday Inn and we thought it's in Manila.. but now it is already the Manila Pavillion. So we head to the Galleria in Pasig.. hmmm.. we're kinda late for the registration.. not enough to do her make-up.. and yes i painted her face in the car.. with all the humps.. the moving.. manuever and all.. i got a good finish with her i could say... but i really wish we didn't rush.. becoz we still arrived 20 minutes earlier before the time.. if we just didn't rush.. i could have given more attention (make-up) her eyes.

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