Sunday, May 30, 2004

in an internet cafe

have nothing to do this sunday. finished my laundry and other stuff. btw i finished reading Memoirs of a Geisha last week. i liked it so much that even if i sleep at 1am, i did.
the book reminds me of my mother. she used to tell me, when she was pregnant with me, she used to look at a maniquin (rightspelling?) of a geisha. she told me, that's why my eyes where some kind of chinita. i also have brown eyes, not the usual brown that u see amongst us (filipinos) its a light-brown, got it from my tatay. just like nicho... sayuri who has a different eye color (feeling, huh?)

anyways i also look forward to reading da vinci code... maybe i'll be buying that today, just maybe.

i went to the mall yesterday, metmy mom, my sis and some cousins, of course they went there to but stuffs for school, and where did we head, of course National Bookstore... well masikip talaga sa loob ng bookstore but i enjoyed it anyway.

i hope to buy a new pair of shoes for my nanay, kaya lang wala syang na-type-an eh next time na lang siguro.

my bf and i planned to buy new cell phone... but am not really sure if we're going to push it since we're kinda saving well we need to basta bahala na

did i get the vacation and the time i need to be far away?
nah, i didn't.... but ill be having it sooner

i'm a bit fine now... i just don't know what's gotten to me... feeling of emptiness? anxiety?.. bored... is it midlife crisis? not sure...

the answer to everything?


it works!

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