Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Family Man

I watched "Family Man" last Sunday night. And mind you, i watched it
with Two Men, my Boyfriend and his Kuya.

Actually t'was my second time to watch it, i liked it so it didn't bother me
watching it all over again.
What excites me was, Joseph actually liked it, and so i think did his Kuya.
Because i saw them smile in some parts (hmmm... now i wonder, did the movie made them think to start a family?). Should i just mind my own business... hehehe...

Like what happenned to Jack (Nicholas Cage) i want to have a glimpse of what could be..
What will happen to me in the future or what could happen if i did this... if i decided to take this... and that... and the list goes on and on and on and on... actually it's endless.

(Glimpse of me--- if after graduation i went to the U.S.
1. I'm already married- well i hope so
2. I have two children- a boy and a girl (oh, that was like Jack)
3. I'm a Structural Engineer now
4. I may return once in a while in the Philippines for my relatives and friends
5. I have Joseph as my Loving, Responsible, God-fearing, Faithful Husband

And that's so nice to look at. Or i'd rather call it, a Perfect-Glimpse.
But anyways, im here... i still thank being here coz i wont be the person i am now without the things i went
through, but maybe this is my destiny. God knows when the wheel will turn.
And of course if i'm not here, i'm not sure if i blog-hehehe)

What strucked me in the Movie is, no matter how strong or powerful or famous or smart, successful or wise a person think he is---- he will always and always need someone to be with-- someone to share the joy and happiness he has in his life.
And, we may always not be satisfied with what we already have... but people can actually "envy" the simplest things that we have and do.
And that includes a family.
I wish my bf would want to be a Family Man sooner (wishful thinking and fingers crossed, hehehe)


Me and my dormates went to Redbox last Friday and sure we did had a BLAST!
I sang the song with emotions (hahahaha!)
And i was acting like we were in some cabaret (slang)
The place was cool and i liked the rooms.
Most importantly there are many songs to choose from and some Kewl Music Videos that if you guys want to
Dance-- you certainly can.
But here's one catch, i had a headache later that night... i think it is because of the sound, it echoes
on the wall thus affecting my eardrum and head (ok sa scientific explanation ah?)and so it did some effect on my um, head- or maybe i was just hyper earlier that night- which is a thing i don't do that often (na)...whatever it is...basta i enjoyed my Friday!

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