Thursday, August 26, 2004


It's odd when you visit the Olympics 2004 Official Website and inquire of the Games and Medals Standing, and find out that we have not won anything.
I researched through news and news of what's happenin' in the Olympics, not that i am a huge fan of it, not that i'm so into sports, but the thing is i want to know what's been going on with our team, the representative of our country.
All the news channel now has all-ears on the weather, i know it's really important, but should
our Newspaper and Channels also update us with what's happenin in the World of Sport?
Chances are, News channel don't pretty much update us with the Current happening
in the Olympics because they don't want to frustrate us of our Standing.

I have not known this since i visit the Olympics Website:

Men's 200m breaststroker Teofilo Yldefonzo won the Philippines' first Olympic medal when he won bronze in the 1928 Amsterdam Games behind Japanese champion Yoshiyuki Tsuruta.Yldefonzo also won bronze in 1932 in the 200m breaststroke, with Tsuruta again taking gold.The Philippines has won nine Olympic medals in total, but never gold. Its two silver medals were both won by boxers - Anthony Villanueva in 1964 and Mansueto Valesco in 1996.

and check this one out: Participants

Mind you, our last Silver Medal was in the year 1996, what happens in the gap?

Btw, here is the latest standing in the Olympics: Medals



I have watched this movie last year, watched on disk, and i watched it the second time in HBO. I don't know what has gone into me but i really find Tom Cruise So HANDSOME! Yeah, Yeah, i know you will ask me, why only now have i found that out? (maybe i was just focused on Brad Pitt) I just don't know, maybe i don't like him before, i know he's a good actor and all, but in the Vanilla Sky movie, he made me Melt, Awwww! He such a Cutie, an adorable Hottie! He has the most Tantalizing Eyes i ever seen, and why only now have i realized that?

The movie has somewhat a fiction estranged story. But the twist was fine. I don't really liked the Story, but i liked the Casting. I also liked Cameron Diaz's acting. And that thing in Manhattan where Tom Cruise Ran because it stand still... it's eerie... just imagine yourself in that world... i just don't know what one would be thinking.

Now, i really loooove Tom Cruise!


Extra Challenge

I watched Extra Challenge yeasterday night coz i didn't go to to work.
There were 4 teams composed of Marilyn Reynes and his hubby, Aljon Jimenez,
Onyok and his Wife, 2gays- i forgot their name, and my so loved team:
Cynna and Railey---- Hay! Super Sweet ni Railey.
I dunno, i don't really like him before (rolls eyes) but when
i catched yesterday's episode, i think he really loves Chynna, i was so Kilig!
Oh, the Jologs in me!
I liked the part when Chynna needs to go to the Bathroom (ang baduy ko talaa) and Railey
will definitely will be going with her because where one goes the other goes also.
Lam mo yun, Intimate moment yun ni Chynna noh! hahaha! But Railey was there, hehehe..
Basta gusto ko na si Railey ngayon, kahit payatut sya.

I hope i could watch it tonight.

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