Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Pieces of Insecurities

My body is ah, what? hmmppfff!

I'm not comfortable anymore.
My b*a size is getting bigger, not that my b**bs are getting big,
but it's because of the fats i have accumulated, my back is getting
bigger thus giving me a hard time wearing my b*a for a long time.
And i need to buy new sets now? Is that the Solution i should do?

Lately, i think i am really gaining lots of weight.
Not that i don't have any control of what i'm eating
(but sometimes... hey! don't we all need some time to
rest from the boring diet every now and then?)
I'm extremely jealous of my sister (no, not the unhealthy jealousy)
coz she apparently already have a four year old son,
she's been married for four years, oh, umm, i think five years already.
And when you look at my sister's bod, you can definitely
not have any clue that she's a mom! Talk about her fast metabolism.
No marks of unwanted fats on obvious areas *sigh*
and when you look at me,the next thing you may be asking
is if im the mom of my nephew, grrr. kaasar.
I love my sister for being that way, and i'm so proud of her coz if she's all that,
i can be all that too, errr...right?

I actually have broad shoulder, that's so fine with me,
but the thing i most hate is: i have Humongous Arms!
And i can't even wear sleeveless blouse, which i love to do!
I'm actually one of those "Judays Body Type" (No-offense to fans).
I mean i don't really look good wearing sleeveless shirt or blouses.
I'm so macho. (ahuhuhuhu..)
What i can always do, is to hide it, damn!
And hope not anyone would discover it. And say, "Wow! Legs!"
(I wish my body is a wonderland- ok, dream on! murmur)

Well, i get most of my insecurities from my arm. I have to Admit.
So i always end up wearing shirts or blouse with sleeves, hmmm..pretty boring.
Forgive my ka-okrayan, i can't help it... it's been a long time coming..
Is there any way to take some inch off my arm?
Is there any regimen?
Is there any special diet specifically for my big arms?
Maybe some exercise?
Or what food should i avoid, are there any?
Ok, just some of my counteless questions... or is it, because of my genes?

My upper body is becoming something-bigger, seems not how it was before.
And now, the more i wanted to diet, the more i would eat.. Sad but really True.