Monday, September 20, 2004

Emmy Awards

How's that for arriving at the Emmys?
Though she didn't bag any Award... she's still a winner, with a hottie by her side... wooohoooohooo!
I almost didn't go to work this morning coz i really wanted to see the Emmys via Satelite. Well, i'm not a fan of all those Tv Series.. but i am, with the Comedy area.. esp. SATC and Will & Grace.

I liked Cynthia Nixon's (Miranda) line, when she said..... "I, wow... I have been acting for 25 years, since i was 12, and i hope to act for another 50. But i don't think i would ever have a job like this one (referring to SATC), I MISS IT."--- she won Supporting Actress for, hmmm Comedy Series (got it right).

I was late for the office.
At least i somehow took a look of it.

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