Thursday, September 02, 2004

Movies, Movies

Chasing Papi!

I watched this Movie last night,and it was so funny!
My roomate got a CD from her officemate and
we were curious about it. At first, the movie sounds like
SATC. But not quite.

Actually it's a Hollywood Cliche' movie but still
the casting and the dialogues made us laugh hard!
Who could resist these 3 lovely ladies of different
personalities and character?

The movie is a get-away-film-from-workstress.
You could actually forget how busy you had become
if you've seen this.
It's a breezy exercise in Latina Lib!

"Chasing Papi is a premarital variant of some movies, with enough jiggle to compete with The Sweetest Thing and Charlie's Angel. The sexy fun begins when well-meaning Latino lover Tomás (Eduardo Verastegui), who is by the way is really sexy, is confronted by the three girlfriends he's been wooing while traveling on business: Miami cocktail waitress Cici (Sofia Vergara)--she's a Sexy Gurl!, New York heiress Patricia (Jaci Velasquez)--The Class one!, and Chicago attorney Lorena (Roselyn Sanchez)-- one HOT, HOT Lady! have discovered Tomás's infidelity, and they're primed for payback. Their romantic revenge involves a contrived subplot of drug money, inept criminals, and an FBI agent (Lisa Vidal), but it's the allied girlfriends who steal this dim-witted fashion show. The female costars are smart, sassy, and incredibly attractive. The Script keeps the comedy on an even, good-natured keel. The laughs are sporadic at best, but Chasing Papi is a bubbly babe-fest that either gender can appreciate, but maybe most girls will"

The movie actually has a Moral Lesson: "We don't really need men to become Who we really want to Be"
*shouts to the woman of our generation*
the notebook

I watched the Premier of The Notebook last Tuesday
at the Megamall. Got the tickets from my
cousin who
cannot see the movie bcoz she has a trip to Bangkok (kainggit!)

The Movie was fine, maybe it's not what i really expected it to be.
I haven't read the book yet.. so i don't know what area they have changed.
But i look forward to reading it.
The movie really is cheesy, but definitely moving.
Specially when Noah was wooing Ally... hmmm.. the best part
of the a booming relationship.. the courting part! awww! kilig to the bones.
I didn't like the ending though maybe that really what has happenned
in the book.

Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams makes a credible romantic hero.

"Unapologetic romantic schmaltz (it's Lifetime meets the Hallmark Hall of Fame), "The Notebook" is well worth the risk of diabetic shock for the sake of superb acting that transcends its teary milieu.

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