Thursday, September 16, 2004


M: Do you know the latest buzz?
Me: Nope i was out yesterday, nasa field ako.
M: Mag-re-resign na daw si Sir R_ _ _ _ e.
Me: Really? Ah, maybe because he'll be leaving the
country na, coz i know he and his family will move
to Canada. Why the Sad Face?
M: Wala lang. Baka kasi till October na lang sya.

I must admit, i felt Sad too though i didn't show it.
I never thought that it would be this early,
it's a bolt from the blue disclosure. *Grimacing*
And also, now, the trepidation is eating me.
He is someone who helped me attain
a somehow peaceful life in the company.
But now that he'll be leaving.. what will happen to me?
What will happen to all our Project for Construction?
How will i be able to talk to Bidders, Contractors, Supplier, etc..
And the most painful partl, how can i be able to talk to the Boss?

We may not have a very good relationship because i
put a wall between us.
The reason being is so i can communicate
with him in a professional way.
He is someone who tries to reach out everybody.
And he is someone who is adored by everyone.
But because of my resentful attitude and sometimes "isip-bata"
he didn'teven bother to be really friends with me and he
instead became in close proximity to other people in the office.
Actually it's much better for me, i don't know,
but i thought that you will not always find the best of
friends you may have in the office... but with this experience,
i think i have proved myself wrong.
And looking back... i actually found Treasured Friends
in the Companies i have worked wih... and those
friends really have kept Open Communication
with me. And they do still care.

I should change some of my ways, i must say. *melancholy*

I wish him all the Best in his Life.. in his Family and Career.

Albeit i may not be able to say it..

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