Sunday, May 30, 2004

in an internet cafe

have nothing to do this sunday. finished my laundry and other stuff. btw i finished reading Memoirs of a Geisha last week. i liked it so much that even if i sleep at 1am, i did.
the book reminds me of my mother. she used to tell me, when she was pregnant with me, she used to look at a maniquin (rightspelling?) of a geisha. she told me, that's why my eyes where some kind of chinita. i also have brown eyes, not the usual brown that u see amongst us (filipinos) its a light-brown, got it from my tatay. just like nicho... sayuri who has a different eye color (feeling, huh?)

anyways i also look forward to reading da vinci code... maybe i'll be buying that today, just maybe.

i went to the mall yesterday, metmy mom, my sis and some cousins, of course they went there to but stuffs for school, and where did we head, of course National Bookstore... well masikip talaga sa loob ng bookstore but i enjoyed it anyway.

i hope to buy a new pair of shoes for my nanay, kaya lang wala syang na-type-an eh next time na lang siguro.

my bf and i planned to buy new cell phone... but am not really sure if we're going to push it since we're kinda saving well we need to basta bahala na

did i get the vacation and the time i need to be far away?
nah, i didn't.... but ill be having it sooner

i'm a bit fine now... i just don't know what's gotten to me... feeling of emptiness? anxiety?.. bored... is it midlife crisis? not sure...

the answer to everything?


it works!


ireallylovethisguy.... i know he's not that guapo or anything but he has this certain animalistic appeal. i must say i have been an avid fun. i like the way he moves. have u seen the naughty girl video of Beyonce Knowles? oooooohhhh he's so addicting i can't seem to get my eyes off him, hehehe... i like the way he touch his pants and move to dance... sexy, hahahaha!

Friday, May 28, 2004


got this from a forwarded message....

just look how people can be popular... they just have to get somewhere to start...

sometimes its funny... but who knows whats gonna happen... everybody gets their chance... its a matter of stepping a foot forward..

Friday, May 21, 2004


what does TRUST means?

it means u don't think the other person will cheat on u.
it means u never thought of him looking for other girls.
it means he doensn't have any nasty or shall i say unkind secret to keep.
it means his eyes are locked on u (u know that)
it means he never had flirted with anyone...
he is satisfied that u are the One.

it so sad and frightening when trust is broken.
i could not think of a better way to excuse myself to not feel jealous
when i think of something he might do or feel towards the opposite sex.
there are lots of vampires out there.. waiting to lurk at
the blood of another so called victim.

in a way its someone's fault why someone would end up paranoid
or maybe its just the person himself/herself not controlling his/her
emotions. the reasons may be boundless.. regardless of what it may seem.

the reason about is not that u don't trust him/her or something...
its just of what happenned, well, or what could happen...
maybe its because when a couple had been together for quite a long
time...there's this so called familiarity... there's a saying that
goes... "Familiarity brings Contempt" well, i must agree. (i remember tinababes' blog bout this) i don't really recommend a long engagement, though im into one.

i must admit i do usually sometimes feel bored.. not that i don't
love him... but because things are done monotomously... u want to
see and have more... i don't know with other people... but this is just
how i feel.

maybe im also boring.

i have this one time conversation with a friend who has been going out
with her long time bf. we kinda talked how they spend monthsaries,
anniversaries, birthday...etc.. she told me that they, once in a while
go out of the town and spend time together which in my case... never happenned (just for the two of us alone together)

i maybe outpouring emotions and thoughts this past few days. but im happy at least i have the time somehow to think about things. but what i really need now (i think) is a time and place to unwind.. with Just ME, MYSELF AND I.

I don't want to be selfish... but everybody needs a little time away.. (sounds like a song) hope i could have that time..

Tuesday, May 18, 2004


i would love to watch TROY

and most of all, i cant wait to see SHREK!

Thursday, May 13, 2004


im extremely sad

1. I want to disappear
2. I want to be someone i'm not
3. I want to be stronger
4. I want to live a new life
5. I want to die (sound insane, huh?)--well just for a moment..
6. I want to escape
7. I want to have a vacation
8. basta madami pa......

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

blogger like matrix?

hmmmm wazup with blogger? what's next, revolution? hmmm.. still can't say if i like it... im pretty much so used w/ the old one...

i want to transfer to xanga. im already thinking about it. i even cant view my blogs here.. im so pissed w/ our isp.. had a firewall for blogger and some other sites i used to check out.. even my tag-board..

my head aches, maybe becoz i got up early coz i was in tanay (i need to be in Makati by 7am), i went home for the election. i still have my indelible ink on my finger.. a proof i used my right to vote

i heard from my officemate that Amber won the Survivor-All star! whew! i knew it! i just knew it! i know she will win it--- the Ultimate Sole Survivor for the All-Star Series.. she's really pretty smart in that game (not to mention-wicked... hehe..joke--for Amber fans), not like the other one.. when she did the Australian Outback.. i wasn't able to see the Finale Show, coz yesterday.. i replayed MG1 over the VCD. i kinda miss the F4 now.. there's no more F4 mania.. so i went go-gaga myself, hehe.. i miss Dao so much.. i miss being kilig while watching.. sayang nga lang nde ko napanuod ang finale ng survivor I also found out the Rob proposed on the set for Marrying Amber-- well that is one helluva kilg thing huh?

i wonder who's winning in the Presedentiables now?

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

face turned to neck paint

a Sunday after last Sunday

i was in the Buyer's day on one of the Properties we market

i was assigned in the food committee... this is our lunch time, around 2pm.

had my neck paint (was suppose to be a face paint)

i asked for a "nemo" character but unfortunately the painter didn't know who nemo was... sad she doesn't watch cartoon... what kind of painter is that?
so everybody's teasing...i have a "bisugo" on my neck.. becoz its not even close to Nemo.. (rolled eyes..)
i erased the neck paint after my solo pic.

i had a solo pic too! i am so fat! kaasar!

mahangin b s labas?

someone must've stepped on some shit... eeewwww smells bad downstairs... on my way after buying lunch...nasty..
its windy outside.. if only i weigh 110lb. then i would probably be blown by the wind.. and whatta mess, just take a look @ my hair.. haha! i looked like the ad for a shampoo.. hehe..
ill be eating mcdo burger and fries for this lunch. don't have the appetite.. but i feel the need to eat.. otherwise i could sabotage my health... i have not been eating a lot lately.. im so in to my dieting...and i hope i could get good result.. (eating!)
its not so happy eating alone..
but i have to get use to it..


a beleaguer feeling im having now for this damn isp! plus i don't want to work too! im not feeling good now..
This is a peculiar feeling, just because my bestfriend in the Office officially resigned i would be lonely.. will not come in the office on time.. i really kinda miss her.. our snack in the am and pm... *sigh*
i had a blast last week though.. t'was also hectic.. accompanied my cousin last Thursday for a Model Search.. i was absent in the office to do her make-up.. and i was like... a make-up artist now.. i do make-up for her.. painting her face.. i can't say that i do good make-up.. but it makes me feel good that at least even though i don't usually wear make-up, i still can make people look good.. with some brush strokes and some stuffs..
Another thing, i didn't know that Holiday Inn already moved to the (before) Galleria Suites.. my cousin's contest was said to be @ the Holiday Inn and we thought it's in Manila.. but now it is already the Manila Pavillion. So we head to the Galleria in Pasig.. hmmm.. we're kinda late for the registration.. not enough to do her make-up.. and yes i painted her face in the car.. with all the humps.. the moving.. manuever and all.. i got a good finish with her i could say... but i really wish we didn't rush.. becoz we still arrived 20 minutes earlier before the time.. if we just didn't rush.. i could have given more attention (make-up) her eyes.