Thursday, August 26, 2004


It's odd when you visit the Olympics 2004 Official Website and inquire of the Games and Medals Standing, and find out that we have not won anything.
I researched through news and news of what's happenin' in the Olympics, not that i am a huge fan of it, not that i'm so into sports, but the thing is i want to know what's been going on with our team, the representative of our country.
All the news channel now has all-ears on the weather, i know it's really important, but should
our Newspaper and Channels also update us with what's happenin in the World of Sport?
Chances are, News channel don't pretty much update us with the Current happening
in the Olympics because they don't want to frustrate us of our Standing.

I have not known this since i visit the Olympics Website:

Men's 200m breaststroker Teofilo Yldefonzo won the Philippines' first Olympic medal when he won bronze in the 1928 Amsterdam Games behind Japanese champion Yoshiyuki Tsuruta.Yldefonzo also won bronze in 1932 in the 200m breaststroke, with Tsuruta again taking gold.The Philippines has won nine Olympic medals in total, but never gold. Its two silver medals were both won by boxers - Anthony Villanueva in 1964 and Mansueto Valesco in 1996.

and check this one out: Participants

Mind you, our last Silver Medal was in the year 1996, what happens in the gap?

Btw, here is the latest standing in the Olympics: Medals



I have watched this movie last year, watched on disk, and i watched it the second time in HBO. I don't know what has gone into me but i really find Tom Cruise So HANDSOME! Yeah, Yeah, i know you will ask me, why only now have i found that out? (maybe i was just focused on Brad Pitt) I just don't know, maybe i don't like him before, i know he's a good actor and all, but in the Vanilla Sky movie, he made me Melt, Awwww! He such a Cutie, an adorable Hottie! He has the most Tantalizing Eyes i ever seen, and why only now have i realized that?

The movie has somewhat a fiction estranged story. But the twist was fine. I don't really liked the Story, but i liked the Casting. I also liked Cameron Diaz's acting. And that thing in Manhattan where Tom Cruise Ran because it stand still... it's eerie... just imagine yourself in that world... i just don't know what one would be thinking.

Now, i really loooove Tom Cruise!


Extra Challenge

I watched Extra Challenge yeasterday night coz i didn't go to to work.
There were 4 teams composed of Marilyn Reynes and his hubby, Aljon Jimenez,
Onyok and his Wife, 2gays- i forgot their name, and my so loved team:
Cynna and Railey---- Hay! Super Sweet ni Railey.
I dunno, i don't really like him before (rolls eyes) but when
i catched yesterday's episode, i think he really loves Chynna, i was so Kilig!
Oh, the Jologs in me!
I liked the part when Chynna needs to go to the Bathroom (ang baduy ko talaa) and Railey
will definitely will be going with her because where one goes the other goes also.
Lam mo yun, Intimate moment yun ni Chynna noh! hahaha! But Railey was there, hehehe..
Basta gusto ko na si Railey ngayon, kahit payatut sya.

I hope i could watch it tonight.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Pieces of Insecurities

My body is ah, what? hmmppfff!

I'm not comfortable anymore.
My b*a size is getting bigger, not that my b**bs are getting big,
but it's because of the fats i have accumulated, my back is getting
bigger thus giving me a hard time wearing my b*a for a long time.
And i need to buy new sets now? Is that the Solution i should do?

Lately, i think i am really gaining lots of weight.
Not that i don't have any control of what i'm eating
(but sometimes... hey! don't we all need some time to
rest from the boring diet every now and then?)
I'm extremely jealous of my sister (no, not the unhealthy jealousy)
coz she apparently already have a four year old son,
she's been married for four years, oh, umm, i think five years already.
And when you look at my sister's bod, you can definitely
not have any clue that she's a mom! Talk about her fast metabolism.
No marks of unwanted fats on obvious areas *sigh*
and when you look at me,the next thing you may be asking
is if im the mom of my nephew, grrr. kaasar.
I love my sister for being that way, and i'm so proud of her coz if she's all that,
i can be all that too, errr...right?

I actually have broad shoulder, that's so fine with me,
but the thing i most hate is: i have Humongous Arms!
And i can't even wear sleeveless blouse, which i love to do!
I'm actually one of those "Judays Body Type" (No-offense to fans).
I mean i don't really look good wearing sleeveless shirt or blouses.
I'm so macho. (ahuhuhuhu..)
What i can always do, is to hide it, damn!
And hope not anyone would discover it. And say, "Wow! Legs!"
(I wish my body is a wonderland- ok, dream on! murmur)

Well, i get most of my insecurities from my arm. I have to Admit.
So i always end up wearing shirts or blouse with sleeves, hmmm..pretty boring.
Forgive my ka-okrayan, i can't help it... it's been a long time coming..
Is there any way to take some inch off my arm?
Is there any regimen?
Is there any special diet specifically for my big arms?
Maybe some exercise?
Or what food should i avoid, are there any?
Ok, just some of my counteless questions... or is it, because of my genes?

My upper body is becoming something-bigger, seems not how it was before.
And now, the more i wanted to diet, the more i would eat.. Sad but really True.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Family Man

I watched "Family Man" last Sunday night. And mind you, i watched it
with Two Men, my Boyfriend and his Kuya.

Actually t'was my second time to watch it, i liked it so it didn't bother me
watching it all over again.
What excites me was, Joseph actually liked it, and so i think did his Kuya.
Because i saw them smile in some parts (hmmm... now i wonder, did the movie made them think to start a family?). Should i just mind my own business... hehehe...

Like what happenned to Jack (Nicholas Cage) i want to have a glimpse of what could be..
What will happen to me in the future or what could happen if i did this... if i decided to take this... and that... and the list goes on and on and on and on... actually it's endless.

(Glimpse of me--- if after graduation i went to the U.S.
1. I'm already married- well i hope so
2. I have two children- a boy and a girl (oh, that was like Jack)
3. I'm a Structural Engineer now
4. I may return once in a while in the Philippines for my relatives and friends
5. I have Joseph as my Loving, Responsible, God-fearing, Faithful Husband

And that's so nice to look at. Or i'd rather call it, a Perfect-Glimpse.
But anyways, im here... i still thank being here coz i wont be the person i am now without the things i went
through, but maybe this is my destiny. God knows when the wheel will turn.
And of course if i'm not here, i'm not sure if i blog-hehehe)

What strucked me in the Movie is, no matter how strong or powerful or famous or smart, successful or wise a person think he is---- he will always and always need someone to be with-- someone to share the joy and happiness he has in his life.
And, we may always not be satisfied with what we already have... but people can actually "envy" the simplest things that we have and do.
And that includes a family.
I wish my bf would want to be a Family Man sooner (wishful thinking and fingers crossed, hehehe)


Me and my dormates went to Redbox last Friday and sure we did had a BLAST!
I sang the song with emotions (hahahaha!)
And i was acting like we were in some cabaret (slang)
The place was cool and i liked the rooms.
Most importantly there are many songs to choose from and some Kewl Music Videos that if you guys want to
Dance-- you certainly can.
But here's one catch, i had a headache later that night... i think it is because of the sound, it echoes
on the wall thus affecting my eardrum and head (ok sa scientific explanation ah?)and so it did some effect on my um, head- or maybe i was just hyper earlier that night- which is a thing i don't do that often (na)...whatever it is...basta i enjoyed my Friday!

Monday, August 02, 2004


I really hate it when i caught people lying. Boo!
And they adamantly hold on to lying. *sigh*.
Some dim-witted people continue to do this.

Last Friday this person told me she can't go to the party (need to attend a debut)
because something strange happenned to her face.
She told me, it's reddish and its hot.
I apparently got her message, she doesn't want to go with us.
But i didn't respond to her first message and still felt (well, hoped)
she may/will be coming. And so came her 2nd message telling that she can't really go.
And i still didn't respond. Because i don't know but i have this
feeling that she is not telling the truth.
Now you can call me mapag-isip ng masama.

Ok, it's fine if she is anti-social or she prefers to be with some one-on-one gimmick,
but HELLO! We talked about attending the party not the day before
or even that day but 3 days before it.
And can't she not think of a better excuse beside her alibi?
Later that evening (after the party) i got home by 12am, and guess what,
i was 15minutes earlier before her arrival.
And when i looked at her face, it's not even REDDISH!
Not even a single red or even orange thing whatsoever on her face!
Grrrr.... i didn't want to ask her,
baka mapahiya lang sya sa akin,
ako pa naman, pag umandar na ko, ewan ko na lang sa kanya.

But you know what, she hold on to telling na its red daw.
Hay naku, huli na nga, deny pa!

She should have told me that she doesn't want to go,
she should have just told me the truth.
It's the least that she can do.

Well, at least for me and some friends, we're able to enjoy the night.
While she-keeps on telling me that she missed it...
and the cool people around! Poor her

According to Charles Ford people often lie about
things because they're trying to feel better about themselves.

At the other end of the spectrum, a person may lie because
psychologically he cannot acknowledge the truth
even to himself, so bogus stories allow people with
low self-esteem(take note on that) to lie.

Come Saturday, i walked up at around 730am. And i don't know
but i was really hungry so i asked Kate if she wants to
have breakfast at mcdo, and after 5minutes she's there knocking at
our door.
We have seen this "friend" (this is the same girl) dining with
a guy that she's oh well, i don't know, but she's kinda flirting. (gossip)
I was happy for her at least may pagkaka-abalahan sya.
Me and Kate went back to the dorm 30minutes earlier she did, and she
told me that the guy (she had breakfast with) asked her to go
with him to Malate later for some gimmick And i told her to go.

Now it's Sunday, i didn't know what time she arrived bacause
i was really exhausted and needed a long sleep and more rest (Zzzzzz..)
When i asked her what time she arrived, she told me, she arrived 2am.
Oh, well of course i know she went gimmick with the guy
but you know what, that poor girl told me, she didn't go
she told me she just had an Overtime at her office.

And then we chat, i believed her (i was so naive),
but i caught her, she's into telling this story, and then she goes,
"lam mo sa malate kagabi, madaming tao"
(o-0 - rolls eyes, what is it with this girl?
Why does she have to lie?
What is she hiding?
Not that im so interested or so want to know everything.
But I mean, come-on, were not that young anymore to be acting
as if were still teenagers, who doesn't want to be caught with our little crimes?)
And she noticed that i became aware that she is lying,
and she repeated, "sa malate, sa malate"and she's obviously
thinking of another word to say.
Hay naku, she can stop talking now,
because i wont believe the next thing she will say,
i don't know if i'll pity her but i'm starting to hate her.