Thursday, February 22, 2007

can i just..

ask, where have all my fave bloggers gone?

it's been a while and they're still on hiatus..
my fave bloggers
ariane-the one whose blessed with that slim body. the one who's torn between love and career.
tins-nakapag-eb n kami, hahaha! kiddin, she's a personal friend, were officemates then and an active bloggger nung may lovelife p sya, hope meron na uli ahihihihi..
and tiepee- her humor will never let u pass, grabeh, ang galing magsulat. she closed her blog, but hope she change her mind.
cant get enough of their talent in writing. they are sweethearts of the blogging world. i just missed them soooo much.

i'm still running through thoughts and genuises of
faye, ala, bianca, saab and katie.

but somehow am wanting 'em all back.

be excited!

i've been browsing way too much my time before.. no sweat, i'm raving of products online, esp.
the adorable
baubles bangles. two bangles already in my possession, and i'm still counting.


damn. this online banking doesnt seem to work! i cliked that fund transfer section then a pop-up said, i don't have fund to transfer, duh! will i opt that portion if it doesnt display or i didn't know i still have money in my account! tsk.tsk.poor system. what's worse is, they have this phonebanking..and guess what, andaming chechebureche! kesyo may kailangan pang phone identification # chuva!hay naku! waste of time. i know, maybe they're just being cautious of hackers..but the hell-waste of time. hmpf!

be sad
my first evah-fave havaianas flip died..consider it lifeless, becoz i can't use it anymore, thongs were cut because of over-usage, abuse my havie cried!

rant some more
ang lakas ng videoke s kapitbahay namin.. sana lang tama and naiintidihan ang lyrics most esp sana ok pakinggan, kaso ewan, ayaw ko ng magsalita.. tsk.tsk. hindi kasi sila busy eh..
(i hold on tu yor badi and pil its mub yu make.. kos i am olweys by yor sayd!.. wer heyding por samtheng..kos m yor lady aynd yu ar my meyn!.. ay wanan doo ol i keyn!wid the power ob..she then paused..hindi n kaya, hahahaha!)

show what makes me smile and makes my day!

<----- need i say more?

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everyone's on multiply na, girl! tara. =)