Wednesday, February 14, 2007

random things on hearts day

before anything else, happy valentines to the young, the old, the bald, and those who fall in between..

now, let me start the things..

♥ to receive a flower today is such a wonderful feeling!

♥ in a busy world like this, people still find time to interact and be with their loved-ones on this mushy day.

♥ i can't help but envy those who are with their partners today

♥ it's been a while that i've looking and browsing at gorgeous women on the internet (thanks to my unlimited wireless connection, ahhhhhh, the power of tech..)

♥ been wanting to buy that new album of gwen--- all the girls in the hauz!-wind it up!

♥ i dunno what's with them, but i still giggle seeing f4 in mtv-china, grabeh, they're still as hot as ever!

♥ it's in the air--hearing all that mushy songs on the radio

♥ been really wanting to start an online business

♥ want to go somewhere for a get-away, will have a me-time

♥ its always is nice to catch up with friends esp. those who are practicing their motherhood and having it as their career

♥ my baby's really bossy!

♥ my baby always smells gooooooooood! really goooooooooooooood!

♥ im glad that my bestie is finding a way to woooooooooo me, hehehe..

♥ i want to hear my hubby's voice


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