Friday, February 16, 2007

crossing threshold

my now-clear mind- zoomed through many passages of
things of what could have been, things to achieve
and now is the best time to think of that blast from the past, err.
i often think of educating myself, and so stuck fast to opening the webbie of this university im so wanting to be-in over the years.. as i browsed and perused, it occurred that the admission to graduate studies has a big load of requirements for me, not that i was dumb-headed in my civil engineering years. but i guess encompassing the competition with the male specie in my college was really hard-hitting.. yes, i know i need not excuse myself for not studying in paramount altitude that time. but fine, i was really lazy in college (lame). now, i’m learning. come to think of it.. i was on the top50 of my graduating class. yes, mind you, top40something. Mapua (in my days) is an undemanding (opposed) college by the way, if you know what I mean..

now, my heart is yearning for education. i want to learn things again. go back to school. or maybe im just like this because i’m beginning to recognize the need for it. or i was just bored. but who can be bored with such dealings everyday? i know, in every person’s heart is a need, a want,a desire a craving, for now this is it..
well, c’est la vie, will never be loss of needs and wants.

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