Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth day, 30 days and being at home for practically one week

It's Earth day everyone.

Since 2008 I am saving water, a little contribution you say but if everybody's doing it, it will make a lot of difference. I'm passing on the lesson to my daughter and everyday as I give her a bath, I remind her of this.

Speaking of Earth day, Havaianas Phil. sent an Invitation to make a vid on how to i would spend a day to make the earth happy. I would love to send one cause the price is definitely terrific! It's a trip to Brasil! I guess I have to take my shot afterall as I read their rules, it didn't say that vids outside of PI is not included, hmmmm but I'm wondering when I could make a vid. Hope I could find time tomorrow :)

If you want to join just visit Havaianas Philippines online.


Makes sense, right?

I was introduced by Grace to the Elimination diet. Actually I would not say it's a diet diet. I will still be eating the food I want to eat, but will just eliminate some. It's a total of 30 days. I already started taking off some food I don't need to see and will not be eating the next 30days. I think I will just miss my weekly dose of Starb's

it will just be a good 4 weeks, so wish me luck!


My Chinchin is better now, just that she still has cough so she can't be in School that's why I'm with her at home for almost a week already. And what do you do on that good 5-days? Clean the house, do the laundry, Iron and of course surf the net, what else?

So I came across this site, see this:

nevermind the ear accessories, but I think if you just display that hand/nail accessory at the mall or any shop, the ladies here will go wild. I have seen too many women here who really go gaga over this kind of stuff. I'm not sure if I can be a fan of this stuffs too, i might go to that doughnut-like hairpice ;)
Still, I think that nail thingy still rocks, but it doesn't mean I want it.

I'm reading Twilight saga again, i forgot my Eat Pray & Love book in my Office' drawer.

according to Dax, I still can have yoghurt, have you had your pinkberry? you should try 'em

they have wide selection of fruit as well :)


Graceful Mom said...

Good luck with the elimination diet. Yeah, you can have yogurt but be sure it has live cultures and is free from sugar. :-)

I like Activia stirred yogurt or any Greek style I get from Spinneys.

sede said...

thanks for the yogurt idea :)