Sunday, May 02, 2010

Weekend Random

Two consecutive Friday mornings were spent at the open beach. It's so nice to wake up earlier than usual- during the weekends. We were able to do many chores compared to just lounging in at home, not that I mind usingFridays for that much needed R&R, but this is one way worth for mine. It came to mind that we need to head back to the beach apart that it has been a long time since our last visit, is also because Chinchin had cough and cold for almost a week, such a rare for her since she usually get sick for only 2 days. A plus for going to the beach is the unlimited sunlight you'll get, that's some quality Vit. D. But be cautious though, temperature after 10am is a schorching heat already, so always with your SPF's. We noticed that Dubai is almost covered with smog (smoke-fog, a product of pollution probably- carbon footprint if you may) that morning, it's thick and darker. For now, I actually don't know what to say about it, just that I know it's not really good news for the nervous system as well as the environment.

After beach-ing last Friday, we head to Mcdonalds to grab our breakfast and while eating we were reading The National. I had this article about wayfinding and so far after reading too many broadsheets here, it's actually the first time I came across a writer who writes well. I came to know he's a Senior Editor for the sheet. I will just post about it in the next entry :)

Don't you just love IKEA? It's my fave Furniture store here. They usually have innovative products, ingenious designs and interior ideas. Some things I would like to mention when we visit there is their Free Play Area for Kids. Of course my Chinchin would always check that area out instead of accompanying us.

They have height limit of course and some rules and regulations. Children also needs to wear these blue aprons with numbers for reference, but my daughter actually doesn't really want to wear 'em. Good thing there was a staff who explained that she needed to wear one:)
she had fun time with the slide and balls.

Speaking of things to be seen in Ikea, I like this idea to put inside my drawer, like I could just put any random thing inside and it would be easier to find plus it's neat to look at.

And since I'm into eliminating some food right now I came across these and lovin' em

Organic Tea from Ikea and Organic Raisins from Sun-maid :)

Have a nice weekend everyone.

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Gandang araw =)
Greeting you from Dubai too =)

Pa-follow naman ako, I have a little boy too who frequents Ikea...