Thursday, February 26, 2004


scribble, squibble, dribble...
dunno what to say or do, but lots in mind..
had a nice day yesterday, no office.. had my laundry, had my body scrubbed, had a home hair wax, feels good. i want a hair cut, but dont know what style to have, want to have some bangs kaya lang, feels like maarte for me, should i stick with my as usual hairstyle or not be afraid with some changes. feeling ko kasi pag nag-pa- bangs ako makikiuso lang ako sa Milan eh, though i haven't seen the movie yet, lots of my friends says, after watching the movie, they feel like wanting to change their hairstyle and have some bangs, grabeh ha..
and so, i thought should i or should i not? seems a big problem to me huh? funny how simple things become so mindful.. and so seriously taken...hmmm, what else can i talk about..
oh, i was, this morning also busy posting pics in my cyber photo album, posting solo pix for my friends, had an album which is linked here.
need to logout now...need to finish some stuffs... till next blog.. (",)

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